My Virtual Resume

Yuvraj Sidhu



M - Measurable




My Academic Goals

S - I want to achieve an average of 95 in my Grade 12 course which include a 98 in Mathematics and other courses like English, Law and Accounting before getting graduated from the high school.

M - I will keep a record of my marks in every grade 12 subjects, which include: Mathematics, Science, Law, English and Financial Accounting and update the score time after time. I will write down my averages in each subject. This will allow me to become aware about my current score and force me to work harder in order to achieve an overall average of 95 , with 98 in Mathematics.
A - In order to achieve my goal, I will put my 100% in every course of high school. I will start working hard from now onwards. Seriousness in studies before Grade 12, helps in clarifying basic concepts in mind. Since my main focus is on Math, that is my favourite subject, I will try to practise mathematical problems as much as I can. It will help me in fulfilling my goal. I will also try to start understanding and memorise concepts in rest of my courses regularly, without missing any day. I want to excel in mathematics because maths is my biggest strength and I feel that this is the only subject in which I can get good score.
R - Yes, this goal completely realistic and achievable. I believe that I have the potential and can fulfill my goal. This goal is so much important to me because my grade 12 courses are my leading pathways to university/college in the future and as I love to lead others in terms of academic grades.
T - My focus is on achieving my goal by the end of my grade 12 in the summers of 2018. However, in order to achieve this goal, I have already started working on my academic skills. I will work harder and regularly on my courses. I will try finish my assignments on time and spend free time on learning my stuff.

My Volunteer Goals

S - My goal is to volunteer at the Youth Personality Development Program and as a coach of the Louise Arbour Cricket, Badminton and Volleyball team before getting graduated in 2018.
M - In order to measure my progress in the number of volunteer hours completed I will keep the record of the hours I volunteered in a calendar and update it regularly in order to know about my development
A - Firstly, in order to achieve my goal, I will get in contact with the Youth Personality Development program (YPDP) and start to manage the various sports being conducted at our school. I will start volunteering in the beginning of grade 11 and continue it over grade 12. It will not only give me extra volunteering hours but also the real time experience of working as a team manager and a Youth leader. I will use my experience in variety of sports over the years to manage the Louise Arbour's Cricket, Badminton and Volleyball teams. I will myself approach coaches of these teams to share my knowledge and apply for being the team-manager and getting some volunteer hours in the field of my interest. I will also reach the YPDP and share my views with the program in order to volunteer in developing people's personality.
R - Yes, my goal is completely realistic and achievable. This is very important for me as it will fulfill my desire of being a sports team manager and a youth leader in the society, beside of only getting compulsory hours. Developing leadership skills and managing sports team are my passion. I feel that I have the talent of leadership and athletic skills and want to spread my skills and sporting abilities to me peers and other people. Thus, this is why my such goal of volunteering is important for me more than just fulfilling the 40 hours volunteering requirements.
T - My focus is on fulfilling my goal before getting graduated in grade 12 in the year 2019. While fulfilling the goal I would set up personal mini-goals like completing 40 hours in over a span of 2 weeks. I will also try to improve the characteristics of every teammate as a manager, rather than only focusing on winning games of Cricket, Volleyball or Badminton


My Information - Yuvraj Sidhu

Contact Information


Yuvraj Sidhu


24 bumblebee crescent

Brampton, Ontario L6R2J6



As per being a confident and trust worthy person with having strong analytical and problem solving skills, I am seeking a job in insurance firms, where i can apply my mathematical skills and leadership qualities.


Louise Arbour Secondary School - OSSD

Brampton, Ontario

September 2015 - June 2018

Work Experience

Louise Arbour Secondary School - Cricket Coach

Brampton, Ontario

December 2020 - May 2024

  • Awarded as the best coach
  • Brampton Champions
  • State level runners up
  • Assisted players in improving their skills

Roadies transportation - Accounting Manager

Brampton, Ontario

October 2016 - October 2019

  • Promoted as the senior manager
  • Got rewarded with promotional benefits
  • Responsible for looking after the accounts and financial status of the company

Boston Pizza - Chef

Brampton, Ontario

September 2015 - June 2016

  • Awarded Chef of the Month
  • Branch Manager
  • Specialized in Italian food
  • Looked after the daily account summary

She Care - Asst. Accounting Manager

Ludhiana, Punjab

February 2013 - June 2015

  • Assisted in accounting instructions
  • Appointed as staff manager
  • Rewarded as the employee of the year



August 2014 - June 2015

  • Best Dancer
  • Ontario Dance champion
  • Awarded as the Most Valuable Performer


June 2012 -

  • District level participation
  • Zone level champion
  • Coached the junior Brampton volleyball team


April 2010 -

  • District level Champion
  • State level runner up
  • Awarded as the Most Valuable Player of Brampton

Volunteer Experience

NDP Political Party - Brampton Campaigning Manager

Brampton, Ontario

September 2018 - April 2020

  • Became the party member
  • Responsible for raising awareness for votes
  • Did election campaigns
  • Spread flyers and made several people join the campaign

Louise Arbour Secondary School - Mathematics Tutor

Brampton, Ontario

September 2016 - June 2017

  • Accomplished as the best tutor
  • Taught students mathematics from grade 9 and 10
  • Got honored for the most volunteer hours

Louise Arbour Secondary School - Kabaddi Tournament organizer

Brampton, Ontario

May 2016 - June 2016

  • Did score-keeping for matches
  • Responsible for awarding players with their medals
  • The head commentator for the final matches of the tournament

Louise Arbour Secondary School - Team crew

Brampton, Ontario

September 2016 - June 2017

  • Did score keeping for Soccer and Basketball games
  • Was appointed as the referee for Volleyball ROPSAAA games
  • Awarded as the most dedicated volunteer

Skills and Abilities:

  1. Customer dealing
  2. Leadership qualities
  3. Good time management
  4. Ability to problem solve


Grade 10 Athletic Representative - September 2016

Student of the Month - September 2015

School Athletic President - April 2014


  • LLB: 2026
  • Actuarial Mathematics: April 2023

Hobbies and Interests

  • Participating in debates
  • Playing Outdoor sports
  • Doing Mathematical calculations


Actuary Job Challenges and Solutions

Job Challenges and Solutions

Having been highly interested in the field of mathematics, for my future pathway, I have chosen the job of an Actuary. Actuarial work requires a person to calculate and manage the risk value of uncertain events like deaths, accidents and property loss. The working lifestyle of an actuary comes with several benefits and disadvantages. Although, an actuary has a lot of benefits like travelling opportunities but also has a lot of negative aspects as well. An actuary has to meet a very high examination requirement for advancement in the job, requires a large amount of effort to secure a job in this field and the job lifestyle of an actuary witnesses a lot of stress (Be an Actuary).

Firstly, an actuary has to do a lot of hard work in their day to day lifestyle to get promoted in their job level. Even after getting an actuarial job in any company, the employee has to train very hard to successfully pass the actuarial set of examination, in order to get a job promotion. Besides working for full-time, it is quite tough to study for examination in order to advance in the actuary field. For advancing in an actuary position, one has to write several sets of exams. These exams judge the mathematical skills, a person learns over the span of five years of the undergraduate degree. However, the educational requirements are very high and rigid, as the candidate must attain a very high-grade point average in order to be considered for a promotion in the job level with good financial stability (E-how). The minimum grade point considered is of 3.2. As set up by the Society of Actuaries and Causality Actuarial Society, in order to get the first certification, it requires a successful completion of seven exams by an actuary. Similarly, an actuary needs to pass two additional exams to reach the next level. This shows the amount of difficulty and big challenge actuaries face for getting a promotion in the job level. However, in order to overcome this difficulty of getting promoted through exams, one needs to accept the difficulty as a challenge in a positive way and should stay confident. The actuaries should see the positive side of the challenge instead of thinking about the hardship it creates, as it will increase the complications and make the life worse. Rather than worrying about the toughness of the exam level, they should focus on managing their time wisely between job routine and studies. Also, in order to help an employee to overcome any such education-related problem, many companies provide support for the actuaries. Usually, companies at job place, even grant their employees with some time to study and depending upon the potential one has, tends to provide funds for their education, in terms of scholarships. Thus, in order to overcome the challenge of high-examination requirements, one needs to change their life by looking at the challenge in a positive way and manage their time wisely. These are some of the methods that can help to easily improve the lifestyle of an actuary (Info Barrel).

Secondly, a bigger challenge an actuary has to face is the difficulty of securing a job in the actuarial field because of the increasing competition. Although there is a huge demand of new actuaries in this profession, but most companies look for actuarial professionals, who are specialised in their work. Nowadays, there is a huge competition in the field of an actuary and it is mainly due to the increasing job applicants and the shortage of job positions with good salary packages. Thus, the employers tend to keep only those people who are not only professionals in their work but have a good personality, rather than having only good grades. This is because the actuaries have to discuss the consequences of every aspect with their colleagues and needs to do a lot of customer interaction. Hence, it has become difficult to stay in the field of an actuary. It is a very big challenge that actuaries have to face in their everyday life in order to save their job over the other competitors. In order to overcome this challenge, a person in the field of actuary should stay focused on their work. Actuaries can make this change possible by doing meditation, which results in better focusing on the work. If they keep these challenges aside and work hard over fulfilling their job goals, actuarial professionals can easily ensure good work ethics and satisfaction of their customers. Thus, easily becoming an asset to their company. Also, in order to maintain a fixed position, an actuary should show some higher-involvement in their work and regular interactions with employees and create a healthy work environment. In this way, a person in the field of an actuary, can reduce the job problems of others and for themselves. Thus, securing their jobs and giving them a sense of satisfaction. (Coaching Actuaries)

Lastly, another major challenge faced by actuaries in their daily life is a high rate of stress. Since an Actuary’s work is to calculate risk value, their work is highly pressurised. Throughout their working time, they have to go through serious and intense calculations, where a small mistake can lead to big faults in the future investment plan for any person. It is clearly observed that “Any job with a description that includes the word "risk" likely involves some level of stress. This is especially true for actuaries because they consider the risks of financial decisions for employers and others” (Chron). Since it is very hard to work with the spreadsheets, risk values and financial investment plans, it causes a person to undergo stress, which further leads to depression. The stage of depression further affects the personal life of an individual as well. For an actuary, the stress is really dangerous as it can cause problems in the workplace resulting in some wrong calculation, afterwards ruining the life plans of those who witness uncertainties in their life and seek the help from the insurance companies. Thus, it is very necessary for an actuary to overcome stress. In order to find a solution for job stress, one should take out some time from their job and go out for vacations. In this way, one can get exposed to the healthy environment and get relaxed. In the time of stress, one must also try to get enough sleep to freshen up their brains and should eat a healthy diet and should avoid alcohol. This is because alcohol might give some temporary satisfaction but is very harmful in the long run. Also, in order to get stress relief, one should do a lot of physical activities and get their body to move. These are some of the ways that can help an Actuary to easily escape from stress problems in their life (Help Guide).

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