Teenage Pregnancy

By: Briana Miller


-USA is #1 on the list for teen pregnancies

-52 out of every 1000 teenagers will get pregnant

-Every hour 85 teens get pregnant ( making 2,000 a day)

-Boys are twice as likely to go to jail

-Girls are 3 times as likely to be teen mothers

-Children 50% more likely to not graduate & to repeat a grade

-Costs 240,000 by age 18 plus $83,000 for public college

Fast Facts:

-Have a chance of developing Baby Blues, Postpartum Depression, or Postpartum Psychosis

-Using could help develop Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Down Syndrome, & other birth defects

-Teratogen is a drug that causes birth defects

-Children of teen parents are sexually active at a younger age.

-You CANNOT take it back once it has been done