Quarterly Teachers Workshop

ISTE & 21st Century Skills

* Learn ways to incorporate ISTE Standards in your lesson plans.

* Identify 21st century skills.

* Share ideas on effective classroom management.

Quarterly Teachers Workshop

Saturday, March 15th, 9am

2500 Campus Rd

Honolulu, HI

Items to bring: Your favorite or most effective lesson plan, a fun attitude, and an open mind.

RSVP before Tuesday, 11 March by emailing your K,W,L chart on NETS-T standards to UofH.QTW.RSVP@hawaii.edu

09:00am: Rotate between the 5 ISTE stations

11:00am: Discussion on 21st Century Skills

11:30pm: Lunch - share effective lesson plans with the group

12:30pm: Complete K, W, L charts - Suggestions for next QTW