safty in the work place

austin rose

health and safty

Regulations cover everything from letting mechanics know their rights to making the proper equipment available to workers. The regulations are continually updated as well to keep up with changes in the industry. Failure to comply can result in a variety of penalties, from fines to permanent closure of an auto shop business

licensure requirments

Regulations may require that only a licensed or registered engineer can sign, seal, or stamp technical documentation such as reports, plans, engineering drawings, and calculations for study estimate or valuation, or carry out design, analysis, repair, servicing, maintenance, or supervision of engineering work, process or project.

accidents in the work place

Part of accidents happen because of part or machines having malfunctions and the reasons are because of employees not double checking there work. so to prevent we would double check every thing test driver cars and stuff like that to make sure its functioning properly.

emergency preparedness

We will have at least 2 guys working on a car just in case something goes wrong. like I said we would test drive the car so nothing happens to the customer if something went wrong with car.