Sam Drake

Level of Organization

They are in the Organ-level

Germ Layers

Roundworms are triploblastic, which means their embryos have all three germ layers.


They have bilateral symmetry.


Yes, they have a head.

Body Cavity

Their body cavity is called a pseudocoelom.


Yes they have segmentation.

Digestive System

Yes they have a digestive system they have a mouth and an anus.

Circulatory System

A roundworm has no heart or formal blood vessel.

Respiratory System

A roundworm has no formal respiratory system.

Excretory System

A roundworm has an anus at its rear end and a series of excretory tubes that end in an excretory pore.

Nervous System

A roundworm has two nerve cords that transmit impulses in the roundworm.


A roundworm reproduces sexually.


A roundworm has no skeleton.