Dust Bowl

An Event That Happened in the 1930's


The dust bowl started some time near the 1930's. It hit about 5 states; Panhandle Texas, panhandle Oklahoma, New Mexico, Kansas, and Colorado. The dust bowl lasted for about a decade, and it was bad those last 10 years. Drought and farming caused it all.

5 Facts About the Dust Bowl

  • a sickness called the "dust pneumonia" was caused be dust in the lungs
  • One monster dust storm reached the atlantic ocean
  • it was a manmade and natural disaster
  • it released jackrabbits and grasshoppers
  • a news reporter gave the dust bowl the name

Key Figures

One of the key figures was named Robert Geiger, he gave the dust bowl it's name.

The other key figure is the survivors of the dust bowl.

How Many Dust Storms Each Years

!4 dust storms of regional extent; In 1933, about 38 dust storms happened; In 1934, 22 storms happened; In 1935, 40 storms happened; In 1936, 68 storms happened; In 1937, 72 storms happened; In 1938, 61 storms; In 1939, About 30 storms happened; In 1940, 17 happened.happened; In 1941, 17 happened

Ways it Affected Texas

It affected 100,000,000 acres

centered on the Texas Panhandle. It also made it were thousands of families left their homes.

Why I Picked It.

I picked this event because i wanted to learn more about the dust bowl by researching things of it, and i also picked it because I wanted to see what kind of stuff that happened to everyone.
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