By: Madison Moser

What is a glacier?

Glaciers are large masses of ice. They move and form in cold weather like in Antarctica and the Artic. Glaciers can also be found on mountain tops and water flows through the ice on the tops. Glaciers move slowly through the water like oceans.
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Physical Features

Glaciers and ice sheets are huge! They cover big pieces of land. Ice sheets are the biggest

glaciers on the whole world! If you see snow or ice on top of a mountain it could have been a mountain glacier.

Natual Resources

Glaciers and made of ice so you can get ice. People that live by mountain

glaciers sometimes take some of the ice and melt it for water. Rocks are by

glaciers too. Small plants get carried in the wind and die after a little while.


Small things get taken by the wind and land on glaciers

like seeds, small plants, pollen from plants, little insects,

and sometimes even birds!

Maps of where glaciers can be found

Fun Facts

Mars is so cold glaciers where even found on it!

Did you know that there are only two ice sheets

in the whole world! There in Greenland and