New Year Incentive!

It's a Doozy!

The Details!

Incentive #1: Anyone who accumulates $1,000 in Personal Volume (PV) in the month of January will receive a 25oz S'well Bottle of your choice or a Dogeared Necklace (

(If you don't own a S'well Bottle - they will change your life...and for those of you who already own 1 (or several) know that you can never have too many of these!)
Visit to check them out!

Keep reading for part 2....this is the BIG ONE....

Incentive #2: Anyone who accumulates $2,000 in PV in the month of January AND recruits 2 new Level 1 consultants who achieve $500 in PV in January will receive a pair of Hunter Boots ($150 Value)

** Please note that these incentives are separate from each other. Unfortunately you won't be able to earn a S'well bottle AND Hunter Boots if you achieve both Incentive #1 and Incentive #2.

Now just imagine what going for both of these incentives would do for your business in January!! I'll break it down for you real quick:

If you go for Incentive #1 and sell $1000 in product - that gets you a new S'well bottle AND your commission check will be around $250.

If you go all in for Incentive #2 and sell $2,000 in products + add 2 new level 1 teammates who each achieve $500 in PV, that puts your business volume at $3,000 - promoting you to Manager (and well on your way to Sr. Manager) with an estimated commission check of $600 AND a $150 pair of Hunter Boots.

AND - Let's not forget the fabulous incentive Beautycounter HQ is offering to your new recruits who join in the month of January and accumulate $750 in PV! Jet-Set Bag Collection for them = Everyone Wins! There's truly no better time to jump in with Beautycounter.

Tara Woodland

Executive Director
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