Ms. Weaver's Classroom Tech Tools

9th Grade United States History

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is run through google so it is connected through a google email. I will be posting reminders, discussions, and drop boxes for students to turn in assignments. It can be accessed from any computer with a login. Students, parents, and other teachers can all login in with the class code. Students can also have multiple google classrooms so other teachers may decide to create one also and it can all be found in the same place. All assignments and discussions deadlines will be posted on the onsite calendar. I will print one for each student at the beginning of each month for them to put in their binder, but if they loose it they can find it online. *The calendar will be subject to change during at any time. I will also be adding my co-teacher to the Google Classroom so the two of us can collaborate more easily.

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Quizlet is a free online tool that allows anyone with a login in to create or access public flash cards. I will be using this as a way to help students study for tests. I will encourage that if students like this tool that they also use it to study for quizzes and help with vocabulary. The students can also play games with vocabulary words they will be asked to know during this class. This is one way that I will try to allow for multiple ways of studying to help provide for the diversity of my students. If students wish they can even use this as a collaboration tool, they can create quilts and then share them with the class. There is a quilt app so students can do it on their smart phones also!
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Popplet is a presentation tool. I will be using this for some lectures during class. It is a tool that I could use to include visuals, texts, and videos. It is a good tool to use in our co-taught classroom because both of the teachers are able to edit the presentation. I am allowing Poppet to be one of the way that students could present to the class about their president at the end of the year. Popplet is a free online tool that could be shared in several ways, one that I may use is I could make it public so anyone could search it and find it, another way that I will share it is by posting in on Google Classroom so anyone who has assess to that tool can see it. Only the people that I allow can edit the presentation.
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