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Placerita Jr. High Staff Newsletter 8.11.18

Welcome Back

I was reflecting last evening on a lot of memories from being a kid as I watched Christopher Robin the current non-animated Winnie the Pooh movie currently showing. It will take you down a road of thinking about what is most important in life and provide a world of quotes from Winnie and his friends. I highly recommend it if you have pleasant memories of Pooh as a child or with your children.

In case you didn’t know, one of the most influential animators of Pooh and friends was a Placerita parent and he still lives right here in Newhall. He was also the artist that was commissioned to complete the portrait of Mickey for his 90th anniversary. His name is Mark Henn and he may be your neighbor if you live in the Peachland area. Denise and I were able to attend one of his art shows last week and it was amazing.

Other Campus Happenings

New on Campus

In case you were not aware we have all new air units on all our older classroom structures. They replaced most of them by using a helicopter earlier in the summer. All units are to be back on line by the end of the day today with final adjustments taking place on Monday. If you notice any issues with your air please let Adam know about it ASAP. Also… Every light on campus has been converted to LED. That process has taken most of the summer to complete and the team completing the lighting is also completing the wiring of the air units. It will save the District thousands of dollars in electrical over the years. The biggest difference is in the gym. Also… We now have new asphalt on our basketball courts. This was a long time coming but it looks very nice. Check out the pictures :)
Big picture
Big picture


We had two great days of Registration last week. We had so many people involved and it was a smooth process throughout. THANK YOU to all staff, especially Kyra, for her organization that made the process flow! We are right at 90% complete for both classes and hopefully after our make-up day on Wednesday next week we will be almost complete before the first day of school. Thanks Michele for the pictures of registration helpers in the Gym. As you can see we have some former students that came back to help.

Just another reminder that our official first day back is this Monday, August 13th. We ended the last day last year with food and we will start the first day back with breakfast at 8:00 a.m. After Breakfast, we will have our opening meeting, department meetings, lunch and then have the afternoon to work on our Sexual Harassment Prevention Training. I have a short survey that I would like each of you to complete that we will

be using in our data presentation on Monday. Please click HERE to complete it. This is different from the shirt size survey.

Another reminder that Tuesday, August 14th we will begin the day with breakfast from our PAC Parent Leadership group at 8:00 a.m. We will then have professional development (8:30-11:45 a.m.) , staff picture (11:50 a.m.), lunch, team/department meetings and the remainder of the day to work in rooms.

Wednesday, August 15 is a meeting free day. All day is devoted to work in your classrooms! We are completing a short two hour (9-11 AM) make-up day for registration to hopefully decrease our numbers showing up to register on the first day of school.

Thursday, August 16th is the first day of school for all students in our District. The year begins.

If you have not completed the shirt survey click on the link below and complete the survey (two parts and less that two minutes :). It will help us in ordering shirts next week. If you could do that ASAP it would be awesome.


Shown below is the schedule for the first day of school and the registration rooms that students will be going to on the very first day. Remember you can find all this on the Beginning of the year 2018 file on the common drive. I have also shared it with you so you can access it on your Google Drive. There are a couple files that still need final editing but otherwise we are good.




A. All pre-registered students report to their registration period by 8:10 AM.

B. All students who still need to register report to Tanner Hall.

C. Today’s and Tomorrow’s Schedule:

Registration Period 8:10 - 8:30 (20)

Period 1 8:35 - 9:25 (50)

Period 2 9:30 - 10:17 (47)

Brunch 10:17 - 10:32 (15)

Period 3 10:37 - 11:24 (47)

Period 4 11:29 - 12:16 (47)

First Lunch 12:16 - 12:51 (35)

Period 5 12:56 - 1:43 (47)

Period 5 12:21 - 1:08 (47)

Second Lunch 1:08 - 1:43 (35)

Period 6 1:48 - 2:35 (47)


A. Call roll using student schedules. If you do not have a schedule for a student, send the student to the counseling office IMMEDIATELY.

1. Give students their class schedule and their student planner.

2. If a student is a no-show, send their schedule and student planner to the front office by 8:30.

B. Counselors

1. Inform students that counselors have been assigned to all students as follows:

Mr. Solis A – Go

Mrs. Villasenor Gr – Pa

Mrs. Bartolovich Pe ~ Z (+ all ELL students)

2. Inform students that counselors are prepared to help with any problems. However, only urgent problems should be brought to counselors on the first day of school. Appointments may be made by completing a “Request to See Counselor” form available in the front office during brunch or lunch.

C. Lunch

1. Inform all students that this is a closed campus. Students are not allowed to leave campus during lunch or between classes.

2. Advise students of the following lunch rules:

a. All students are to report to the lunch area during the lunch period. Advise students that for the first week (at least) it’s a good idea to bring their lunch. They can purchase lunch in the lines by Tanner Hall, or snacks from the Student Store.

b. Eating is allowed only in the covered eating area, in the blacktop area between the gym and the offices, and in the quad. Sitting on top of tables is not allowed.

c. Students are not permitted in the halls or classroom areas until the passing bell rings. Stay well behind the yellow boundary lines. There is no reason to form a crowd while waiting for the bell.

d. If they have questions, tell them to ask a Campus Supervisor.

D. Student Planner

1. Have students write their names in their planner on page one. Very important!

2. Have students write their schedule in pencil into their student planner on page 5 on the Monday column.

3. Refer to the Rotating Schedule for information on which buildings go to which lunch. Use the MONDAY schedule. Please have students write IN PENCIL which lunch they will have for the rest of this week. (Since we will not rotate until next Tuesday, it will be the same today and tomorrow.) Have them write “1st lunch” or “2nd lunch” in the space between their schedule and the Rotating Schedule below it on page five.

Please accept ALL STUDENTS who are programmed into your classes. Even if a student is the fortieth one to walk into your very small classroom, make him/her feel welcome and accepted. The counselors will work to balance classes as quickly as possible. If you feel an overwhelming need to vent to a counselor about how many students are in your class, they will listen. However, please understand that the computer tells them exactly how many students are in each class, up to the minute.

DO NOT REFUSE to admit a properly programmed student into your classroom. MAKE EVERY STUDENT FEEL WELCOME. We will balance and fix things at the end of each day.


Please have students check their student planner to make sure the correct lunch period is written. Remind them that some of them are going to lunch at the end of the period, and others are going after next period. PLEASE LEAVE TIME AT THE END OF PERIOD 4 TO DEAL WITH THE CONFUSION THAT WILL SURELY FOLLOW