The Emotion Epidemic

How Students Easily Catch Their Teachers' Viral Emotions

What is Emotion?




  1. a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others (

Emotions have a great effect on a person's performance in any situation. Though it may not seem so, emotions are often responsible for one's success or failure. The more of a happy and relaxed mood a dancer is in, the better they will perform. The opposite is true of negative emotions. The more angry and anxious one is, the worse their performance will be (Bourg). Due to this, it is vital that dance teachers understand how they impact their students emotions and what will happen because of their impacts.

How Do Teachers Impact Their Students' Emotional States?

One person's emotional state can impact more than just their own performance. It also has a great impact on everyone around them because emotions are contagious. The human mind reads others emotions and begins to imitate them and then, due to this imitation, starts to process these emotions as it's own emotions (Bourg). Dance teachers usually have a very close, personal relationship with each of their students. Therefore, they will have an even greater impact on how they are performing.

What Does This Mean For Those Students?

For any dance students, having an extremely encouraging teacher is always vital because of the contagiousness of emotions. When a teacher is upbeat and positive about the outcome of their hard work, students will put in a greater effort and will obtain greater success (Bourg). Dance is known for being an excellent way to improve mental health and let out feelings, so when this is mixed with a positive environment for doing so, it will create not only a better dancer but a happier person. (Cudgoe). A negative teacher can have just as much of an impact in the opposite way. When teachers expect failure or are just upset about something in their own live, students begin to reflect this mentality as well. This leads to a depressed and unenthusiastic class which will be unproductive and could potentially lead to injury if the dancers are not being careful about the technique being used or the teachers are not paying attention to how the dancers are performing.

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