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Is Ruby on Rails A Right Choice For You?

Ruby on Rails is hot, but is this a great choice for you? Well, you will have to find it out. Written using the language Ruby, it is a framework to develop simple yet powerful and rich functionality. The biggest reason for its popularity is that the applications can be developed quickly using lesser codes. Moreover, it supports all major databases such as, MySQL, SQL, Oracle and DB2.

Ruby on Rails development may be a good choice if you’re looking to:

§ Quicker Launch

RoR development takes much lesser time as it eliminates the need of excessive coding. A leaner code makes it easy for developers to quickly do with the development process and reduce the market time of the website. If you’re looking to launch your website in least possible time, RoR is probably the right choice.

§ Easy Modification

The best part is that it is really convenient to modify the site even after its launch. Adding new features or customizing the existing ones doesn’t take much time. And this can be done without affecting the routine functioning of the website.

§ Cost-effective

Well, speed of development is a plus point here. Reduce time to development and market makes it a cost-effective option for those who are on a tight budget. With less money, you can achieve a more interactive and dynamic website. Not only this, you don’t have to compromise on the quality either.

§ Quality Coding

The framework has all the arrangements to check the quality of coding. As and when new coding is done, the framework automatically checks it and introduces the errors if there are any. They can be corrected then and there, ensuring the best quality coding.

Ruby on Rails development is not for you if you’re looking for

§ Content Management System

Ruby on Rails is customizable to a great extend but it is not a content management system. You can introduce new features and functionality in the website using third party plug-ins or any external features but it doesn’t act as a content management system.

§ Skills Required

Yes, RoR development is easy but that doesn’t mean that you don’t require technical skills. You can’t do anything if you don’t know how to work on Ruby. You will need to hire Ruby on Rails developers to develop and customize the site if you don’t have skills in-house.

§ Not Billion Times Fast

It’s true that Rails lets you build apps in lesser time but that doesn’t mean it is superfast. Coding is simple but it needs to be hand written. A full-fledged site may take anywhere between 12 and 15 weeks.

I’ve furnished you with both the sides of Ruby on Rails but the end decision lies with you. None of the platforms or frameworks is perfect and each has its share of flaws. Rail’s flaws don’t make it a weaker framework to choose. These are just the other side of the framework. However, whatever decision you make, ensure to consider all pros and cons of the platform.

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