The Daily Courant

Sybil Ludington Is a midnight rider?

Did she do it?

On May 10, 1818 Sybil Ludington left for her now-famous ride at approximately 9 PM into the rainy night, traveling 40 miles from her home in what is now the town of Kent, south to Mahopac, and north to Stormville, before returning home near dawn the next day.

What was the effect?

Sybil not only had to avoid British soldiers in the area, but also British loyalists, and "Skinners", who were outlaws with no allegiance to either side in the War. If the american's keep being so clever, It mite take a toll on our men over sea's. Another point is that a woman did this. The Americans are pathetic sending women to do there work we will crumble there empire.

Some of the other important people involved.

Our wonderful king promises to find and kill these people.

You are thinking we are not strong now, because a woman did this.

Well you are wrong. Our government is the strongest in the world, we will win!