The Golden age

The Good Life

The Plauge

This Plague is killing us all, we don't know were its coming from! Its silent but deadly. and it's scarring us all. Leaving these black marks on our skin; all over our body Yet we pray for Gods help, but it doesn't help not one bit. Then again I've prayed I haven't come in touch with it .I've seen people vomit blood!

They say this is the end of life as we know it. could this be possible as everyone dies! were did this come from? could it have the JEWS!?! Its hard to say we don't know how? but when we do ill tell you who then we burn this plague from it's existence.

The Vikeings

Raiders! These vikings are the enemy of all of us they will take our kids, and train them to become one them. This is not what they deserve, so were the heck is the kings vassals? You know there well trained they'd burned our village to the ground, and took our good earnings. o we go to the king and beg him to help us for our sake.

they come without a sign then they take what they want and this is just absurd. so now my lord how will we defend against this? we have know idea what were getting into.

The Plague, Kingdom, The Crusades, and The Vikeings

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