Durin Stahl

Definition of desomorphine

Desomorphine is a derivative opioid of heroin which is more powerful, has faster effects, and is much cheaper to produce


Krokodil, the zombie drug, the flesh eating drug, cannibal heroin

Desomorphine effects

Desomorphine can cause scaly, hardened skin, and in some cases skin and muscle to fall off the bone. The average lifespan for users after their first dose is two or three years. It also has shorter term effects, such as sedation and analgesia.


. Desomorphine is injected through the skin into a vein

. It can be made easily by mixing codeine with poisons such as paint thinner, hydrochloric acid and red phosphorus

. It is cheaper to produce than heroin, although the effects are much more deadly


Obviously, don't do drugs, but especially not desomorphine. It is much dangerous than other drugs and has more severe effects. Although it is much cheaper to produce than heroin, it is far more dangerous. Avoid using it ever, as well as any unprescribed drug.