The Hypnotists

By Gordon Korman (232pages)

Mind bending…...


Jackson Opus is a New York city kid who realizes that he has the gift of hypnotic powers.He is invited to Dr.Elias Mako's institute where he learns to sharpen and control his powers. At first Jax does not realize that the famous and respected Dr. Mako is in fact an evil schemer. Mako uses Jax to hypnotize voters by video to get his candidate Trey Douglas elected. Jax struggles with physical and mental troubles related to the hypnotic experiences but cannot free himself, because Mako threatens the life of his parents. Finally with the help of another hypno, Axel Braintree and his team, Jax defeats Mako. In the end Jax saves himself and his parents but has to give up his home, his city and his best friend Tommy in order to ensure that Mako does not come after them. The point of view throughout the novel is third person.

The Theme

The Theme or moral in this story is, if you have power or an advantage use it for good instead of bad. There are many ways I can apply this theme to my own life. If I have the ability to do well in a certain class, instead of bragging about it, I could help another student who is having trouble with the class. In this situation I am using my own advantage to help someone else. My second example is the following: if I am put on a team where I am one of the older kids or even the oldest, I have two options. I can either ignore all of the younger kids and make them do things the way I want to or I can make the better choice of listening to them and teaching them the skills I know.
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