By: Jessica Sperling

Glaucoma Symptoms

Symptoms of this condition aren't the easiest to pick out, they include headache, nausea, and vomiting, which are all pretty common things affected by the body. More noticeable symptoms would be the eye pain, blurred vision, and foggy eyes.

The Cause of Glaucoma

The main cause of Glaucoma is the failure of the eye to maintain an appropriate balance of the amount of fluid produced and drained away. Without the proper amount or amount drained away this causes pressure to be sent into the eye balls main system and creates slow vision loss. A cells job is to control the fluid and the drainage system, but in the case of Glaucoma the cells create a meshwork and don't do the proper technique.


-Eye drops


-Surgery (Trabeculectomy or laser trabeculoplasties)

-Eyeball gets taken out

Without any treatments you can become permanently blind.

Other Intresting Information

-Glaucoma can also appear in animals like Cats and Dogs.

-This affects the elderly population the most.


Daily Life With Glaucoma

The main concerns with daily life would be the vision. Night vision is very off as well as taking the medication and eye drops if needed.