Connections Across Time

By: Brittany Ortiz

News in the 60s

In the 1960s the way news was being portrayed was just starting. The content of the media was a controversy during this time. Media officials said that they gave the audience what it wanted when giving news. They didn't want to put too much out there for the public to see. The goal of bringing more news to the public was working on being achieved.

News in the 70s

1970s news was definitely more exciting than the previous decade because is was finally showing more to the public. America's got what they wanted when i came to news, because they were finally able to learn about many important things happening around the world and close to home. Investigated journalism was popular in this time, which gave more to all the stories and made giving information to the public better. Many companies established codes and standards on reporting on officials because of the information they were giving out.

News in the 90s

In the 1990s many news companies started to consolidate. Many more "talk shows" started to become popular and many shared news that way. Infotainment led to a new look on American entertainment, which was a way to entertain and inform. There was more coverage on the Gulf War and citizens were learning more about it. In the 1990s the media shifted from traditional to modern.