Experience 5

ICT for Learning from Assessment in the Teaching of Pri Sci

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Learning in an ICT-enriched Environment (Lesson Demonstration)

Innova Primary School

In this lesson demonstration, teachers use the learning analytics (in terms of keywords & collocation) generated by i-Collaborate System (iCS), an ICT solution with an integrated semantic analysis engine, as data to inform the stage of students' conceptual understanding. Teacher addresses these learning gaps and misconceptions by providing timely feedback/ intervention and/or designing new tasks.

Learning Across Schools (Adaptation & Localisation of Practices)

Mayflower Primary School

Guided by increasing understanding of AfL practices & TPACK, teachers design and implement learning interventions that provide opportunites for students to be activated as learning resources for one another through a blend of ICT tools such as the features within the LMS and TitanPad.

De La Salle Primary School

From a given authentic problem or case, students are scaffolded to generate questions about the problem/case on Linoit/ Padlet. Out of these questions, teachers surface relevant ones to determine a possible direction for students to work towards in solving the problem. These questions serve as starting points for students to begin their inquiry process.

St Hilda's Primary School

St Hilda’s Primary School adopts the 2-tiered MCQ approach to surface students’ responses on an ICT platform (e.g. iCS/LMS). These responses serve as useful data for teachers to plan and put in timely interventions (such as peer critique of selected students’ responses to further refine their explanations) to enhance students’ scientific reasoning or address any misconceptions.