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English 2 and English 2 PreAp Supply list - 2015-2016

English II

Mrs. Mathis

SUPPLY LIST - 2015-2016

Supplies Needed:

2” Binder with dividers

2 Composition or 1-subject spiral notebooks

Pens, pencils, highlighters

2 Glue sticks

2 boxes tissues

Index Cards

Homework folder

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English II Regular and Pre-AP

PALS - 6th Period

English 2 PreAp Summer Reading Requirements

Summer Reading Requirements

Mrs. Mathis

English II Pre-AP

Titles: The Chosen by Chaim Potok and

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Students desiring to participate in Pre-Ap English II will be required to complete these works before the beginning of school. Reading will be assessed through dialectical journal entries and testing during the first week of school.

Both of these titles are available on, or you can find them at used book stores. They are also available as Kindle downloads. If you require assistance for the purchase of these books please let me know.

For each book, students will be required to keep a dialectical journal (explanatory handout follows). You may use either composition books or spirals for your journals. You do not have to have a separate book for each, but a separating tab should be used to separate each book’s journal if you continue in the same spiral or composition book.

Dialectical Journal Requirements:

The Chosen : 10 total entries of sufficient (at least 60 words for your analysis column ) length. Analysis MUST be in complete, grammatically correct sentences. Points will be deducted for entries of insufficient length, grammatical or spelling errors, or entries that demonstrate no thoughtfulness. Your dialectical journal will provide the basis for an essay later, so it is to your advantage in several ways to take your time and do a good job on them.

Animal Farm: 10 entries total as well with the same requirements as those listed above.

Dialectical Journals will be turned in the first day of class. The journal for The Chosen will count for 1 test grade, and Animal Farm will be 2 daily grades. You will also be given a test covering the basics of each book.

Students who come unprepared (with no journal entries, books unread) will be given a schedule change to regular English II the first week of school. It is imperative that you accomplish this reading and complete the assignment to the best of your ability.

In the event that you lose your dialectical journal handout, you can access the materials from my website, under pre-AP Summer Reading Requirements.