Unit Four

CM 107 - Writing a Personal Document

Welcome to Unit Four!

We are now more than one third of the way into CM107, and so far we have accomplished a great deal. Wow! Way to go! By learning about reading comprehension strategies, we have not only identified ways we can improve our understanding of what we read but we have also gained insight into what it takes to be effective writers. By reading good writers and exploring what they do to write to and for their audience and purpose, we learn to be better writers ourselves.

Last week, you practiced brainstorming and preparing to write your blog posts. This week you start writing and will complete your blog post! Hopefully you are starting to feel more comfortable assessing writing scenarios, audience, and purpose.

Unit Three Grades

The grades will trickle in again this week since I grade in multiple sittings. I will post an announcement when grades are ready for you to view. To review my feedback on an assignment, simply click the grade number (e.g., 10 / 10) in the gradebook.

Mess to Masterpiece

We learned last unit that writing usually starts out as a mess, but that if we work through the steps of the Writing Process, start working on writing projects early, and take advantage of resources like the Writing Center tutors, we will be more successful in producing masterpieces that are clear, concise, complete and correct.

Unit Four Overview

This week, you will apply what you have learned about the writing process by drafting, revising, editing and submitting your Unit 4 Assignment. In Unit 4 Reading and Activities, Seminar and the Discussion Board, you will learn more about selecting your own writing topic, establishing a main point about a topic, and developing your own ideas to inform an audience about this topic.

You will also learn valuable information about the Writing Process and how following this tried and true step by step process can help you to address any writing situation effectively and with less stress and more success.

Unit Four Assignments

  1. Complete the Learning Activities.
  2. Complete the quiz and remember, you can take the quiz as many times as you need to (but the quiz must be completed during Unit One. It cannot be made up.
  3. Participate in the Discussion Board.
    • Post your main post. Here is a worksheet to help you.
    • Respond to three or more classmates to exceed expectations.
    • Make sure to review the sample discussion board post located in the actual discussion board.
  4. Attend the live seminar. We will have fun, discuss the writing process, drafting and revising, and creating paragraphs. Or complete option 2 if you can't attend the live seminar.
  5. Submit the Unit Four Assignment. Make sure to review the rubric and self-assess your work.

Here are some resources to help you succeed:

Late Work Reminders

If you need to submit late work, please consider the following:

---By the end of Unit Four, you may submit the Unit Two Assignment, Seminar option 2 and main Discussion Board Post.

---If you are late on Unit Three work, you do have until the end of Unit Five, but the sooner the better. For Unit Three, you may still submit the Journal, Seminar Option Two, and main Discussion Board post.

---10%, per the late policy, is deducted for each week the work is late. But, some points are better than none, and the learning is valuable and needed.

Our Kaplan University Writing Center

Keep in mind, too, that our Writing Center offers a PAPER REVIEW that allows you to submit drafts to them and receive helpful feedback that you can use to strengthen your assignments before you submit them for a grade. The Writing Center tutors do need approximately 48-72 hours to review and return your drafts, so plan accordingly!

Let's make it a great week!

If you have any questions at all, let me know. Have a great week and I look forward to reading your Unit 4 Assignments. I know they will be focused and interesting and will showcase your skills!