Deciduous Forest

By: Mikayla Sinclair

Deciduous Forest Location

Deciduous Forests are in found the eastern half of North America, in Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and Southeastern Australia.

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Climate of the Deciduous Forests

The climate of the deciduous forest is pretty temperate. The average temperature is 50 degrees with an average rainfall of 30 to 60 inches per year.

Animals and Plants of Deciduous Forests

Animals in the deciduous forests have to be able to adapt to the changing seasons. Those animals include the american bald eagle, the american black bear, the white-tailed deer, and coyotes. Plants in the deciduous also have to learn to adapt to changing seasons. Examples of those plants are the white oak, the pecan tree, the american beech, and the lady fern.

Sesame Street: Ken Jeong: Deciduous

This is a video that features our beloved Elmo and Ken Jeong explaining what deciduous means.