Gorge Washington

Biography by: Lesly H

Early Life

Gorge Washington he was born Feb,22,1732 his father died when he was 11 years old and the boy spent the next few years living in different households throughout Virginia. He lived with his mother near Frederick, with relatives in Westmoreland, and with his half brother in Mount Vernon.

Gorge Washington Personal life

Washington married Martha Dandridge Custis on January 6, 1759. Although the couple had no children, Washington adopted Martha's son and daughter from her previous marriage.

Events that shaped his life

in 20 jun,1749 Washington became the official surveyor of Culpeper County, Virginia. He had worked as an assistant surveryor for about 2 years This was historically significant because when he grew older, he longed to retire to Mount Vernon and continue his career as a farmer. His love of farming was partially derieved from his experience as a surveyor.

Gorge Washington career

Washington also succeeded to Lawrence's militia office. Governor Robert Dinwiddie first appointed him adjutant for the southern district of the colony's militia, but soon conferred on him Lawrence's adjutancy for the Northern Neck and Eastern Shore. And so it happened that in 1753 the governor sent 21-year-old George Washington to warn French troops stationed north of the forks of the Ohio River (modern Pittsburgh) that they were encroaching in territory claimed by Virginia.

Gorge Washington died

George Washington died in Mount Vernon, Virginia. He died of acute epiglottis between the hours of ten and eleven on December 14th 1799, at 67. The picture is of Washington on his deathbed, surrounded by doctors and loved ones. George's funeral was on December 18th 1799. George's death is historically important because it marked the end of an era. Washington was one of if not the most important man in the history of the United States.