Get Organized !!

Organize Your Titan Binders

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This is a Self-Guided Parent University Workshop!

Parent University Workshops are designed to help parents foster student success at home and in school. This workshop focuses on binder organization and has been created to help students stay organized.

Setting up and keeping the Titan Binder organized contributes to getting better grades by ensuring that students are set up to:

  • Complete homework assignments and projects simply because the student is prepared
  • Be prepare for assessments, tests, and quizzes by knowing where your study guide is located
  • Come to school with materials required for their classes and clubs
  • Students should use their Titan Agenda and parents should monitor the Titan Agenda

Benefits of Being Organized

Being organized in your environment can help make you a healthier and happier person!

  1. Save time by not spending time looking for things, i.e. your rubric for a project.
  2. Save money by not buying items you already have, i.e. notebooks, index cards, highlighters
  3. Instill confidence by knowing where things are supposed to be, and you can hand in homework when it is due
  4. Reduce stress related to lost items, i.e. "Not Handed In" assignments (NHIs) or looking for your study guide the night before a quiz
  5. Manage many activities and deadlines more efficiently
  6. Gain valuable storage space within your existing confines, i.e. room, locker, backpack, and binder
  7. Gain more energy and peace because you are eliminating unnecessary tasks and stress, i.e. texting a friend for your study guide, repeating an assignment because you lost it, etc.
  8. Have more time to do things you really want to do...staying on top of your assignments means you will enjoy your leisure time so much more!
  9. Have a more attractive appearance, i.e. an organized binder makes students look and feel like "Professionals in Training"
  10. Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct; they are matters of education, cultivating good habits and having specific times to have "check points"


On Mondays throughout the school year, there will be binder checks in WINN Class. To help your child be successful, download the rubrics below and use them as a guide for perfect organization!

Tip: Having an organized binder because it cuts down on

"Not Handed In" (NHI) homework, projects, assignments!




Download the Documents Below:

Parent University Workshops

This Parent University Workshop has been brought to you by the Elkins Pointe Middle School Parent Liaison, Lisa O'Hanlon Cowles. If you would like resources to help your child at home, please visit our Parent Resource Center, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:05 pm.

If you have any questions or feedback about Title I Resources or our Title I School-Wide Program, please visit our Title I Tab on the Elkins Pointe website or contact Lisa O'Hanlon Cowles. Thank you.