Adie Newsletter

Here's what you need to know.....

It's great to be back!

We had a very successful first full week back last week! We are completely amazed at how quickly the students have adapted to the new guidelines in place as well as the requirement to wear masks throughout the school day. It is great to have the students back in the building again! Thank you families for your support and patience over the last few weeks as we implement the new protocols! We couldn't do it without you!

Student Handbooks

Last week we sent home the emergency forms for you to complete as well as the signature page and link to the district student handbook. The handbooks are provided in a variety of languages. Attached is the direct link to the district website with the handbooks.....

Student Meals

The district continues to provide free breakfast and lunch to all students. As a result of the restrictions placed on the kitchen due to the virus, they are not offering hot lunch choices right now. All lunches include cold options such as sandwiches, salads or yogurt and snack platters. A number of our students have been struggling with these choices. If you know that your child will not be interested in the choices offered on the school menu please feel free to send in lunch options from home. We have refrigerators and microwaves we can use for their food. Attached is a copy of the lunch choices for this week.....
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School masks

We just completed an order for school masks for the staff thanks to our OT (Krista) who organized the order with the vendor. We are working with the vendor to allow parents/students to order masks as well. We will keep you posted when we have worked out the details for ordering and payment. Attached is a picture of what the masks look like.
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Nurse Lea's Corner:

Here is some information/updates from Nurse Lea:

Welcome all to a new school year.

As you may or may not know ALL students are required to have their FLU shots this year.

Please schedule your child for a flu shot with your pediatrician or local clinic/drug store/supermarket.

Please submit documentation of immunization to school by December 31st.

Please also keep in mind that students in grades 4, 7 and 10th grade are required to have Physicals.

7th grade students also are due for immunizations at time of their physical

Thank you for your help in keeping our students well.


As always please feel free to call/email with questions or concerns.