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McNider Moment

Welcome to 2020! Many of you are too young to remember Prince's song 1999, but many of us remember it well. Think about how far 1999 seem to be...and now 20 years later here we are! Or raise your hand if you remember being so worried on the evening of December 31, 1999? What would 2000 bring? We even made my grandmother a Y2K bucket with all the items she felt she would need to survive! Crazy right? So what do you plan to accomplish in this new year, much less this new decade? Weight loss, healthy habits, complete another degree, strengthen your faith and relationships? Whatever goals you have set for yourself, I encourage you to reach high and accomplish those. For myself, I look forward to spending another successful year with each of you and I have no doubt we will accomplish great things together each day of 2020.

Shout Outs!

Thank you to everyone who has been busy preparing for our inservice sessions. It excites me to see so many of you contribute to helping us all learn and grow together. As we move through our day together you will see leaders pull together to make it a day of collaboration, planning and learning that will make us each stronger instructionally.

Jan. 6: Inservice: click here for schedule

Jan. 7: students return and JEANS FOR EVERYONE!; Attendance Committee @ 3:15; reports cards will be printed today; everyone will be writing personal reading and math goals this week, as well as behavior goals

Jan. 8: Report cards issued; 2nd grade GT round 3 begins

Jan. 10: School wide leadership celebrations are today!

Jan 13: STAR testing begins in tech classes

Jan. 14: ACAP Reading practice begins in CB lab, all this week

Jan. 15-16: RTI meetings

Jan. 17: Wellness screenings at PPS

Jan. 20: MLK Holiday

Jan. 21: 100th day of school; LH meeting @ 3:30

Jan. 22: ACCESS testing begins

Jan. 23: Tech Thursday during planning periods

Jan. 27: Performance Series begins; Faculty meeting at 3:20

Jan. 30: LE jean day;

Jan. 31: Classroom leadership celebrations

Announcements & Reminders

  • Jeans for everyone Jan. 7!
  • Report cards go home Wednesday.

  • Make sure to have your EPG signature sheets and Parent Contact logs out on your desks on Jan. 10.
  • If you would like an iPad charger for your classroom add your name to this list here.
  • If you know of a resource you wish would be available in the parent/teacher resource room, add it to this wish list. If you could include a link for ordering, that would be appreciated ;) Wish List

Welcome Ms. Kirkham!

Everyone join me in welcoming Ms. Kirkham who will be joining the PPS staff on Monday. She is replacing Mrs. Dutton and I look forward to watching her grow in her new career. She has just graduated from Auburn University with a certification in early childhood. Let's all make sure we support her and get her to loving PPS as much as we each do.

The Noticer

What chapter are you on?

Monday, Feb. 17th, 8am

216 Wetumpka Street

Prattville, AL

Action team reflection on The Noticer
Shared Leadership Concept

Thank you for reading to the end of this newsletter!

The first three people to read and respond (to both admin), to the You Tube video with your thoughts by the end of the day, will win a special prize! Something to think is about is how this video applies to our roles as educators and our students.

Have a great week! Let's rock this and continue to learn, love, and lead! #commonpurpose