Weekly News

February 22 - 26, 2016

ISTEP+ Mtg for teachers grades 3-8 & Benchmark Literacy Collaboration K-2

Teachers for Grades 3-8 will meet in the band room for our video about ISTEP+ reminders. ISTEP+ looks differently for us this year so this time is important. I would like Encore teachers to attend - we may need to use you for break out groups or cover for an absent co-worker.

Teachers of Grades K-2 can meet by grade level and use this time to collaborate about reading - Benchmark Literacy planning for trimester 3.

Pennies for Patients

This fundraiser helps raise money for children with Leukemia and/or Lymphoma. It helps fund treatments, families that are out of work because of treatments, and cancer research. Here is a link for more information. www.lls.org andwww.schoolandyouth.org Our fundraiser will run for next 3 weeks.

The rewards:

Pizza Party: The top Elementary and Middle school warrior time class will earn a pizza party but the class total has to be more than $75.

Human Sundae: The Highest raising class will get to turn myself or Mrs. Pratt into an ice cream sundae.


ENERGY ALERT - Long weekend!

Please take your items from the refrigerators - they need to be unplugged again.

From Matt:

Please make sure, as stated in the original power conservation guidelines - If it is plugged into a power strip, you don’t have to unplug it, but please make sure the switch is flipped to the “off” position! Also, very important - ALL IPAD CARTS ARE TO REMAIN PLUGGED IN TO A POWER OUTLET PLEASE! The iPads must stay in contact with the server at all times and if they lose power, they disconnect. Thank you and enjoy your extended weekend!

Upcoming Events

Monday, February 22

No School!

Happy Birthday to Cameron Troyer

MS Wrestling @ Bremen

Tuesday, February 23

Teacher Work Day - No Students

Grades due at midnight

Wednesday, February 24


Begin Tri 3

PTO Box Top Blitz

World Read Aloud Day - see email from Mrs. Gaby

Grade 1 Tractor Day 12:30 pm at WHS

Chess Club 3:15 pm

ACT 3:45 pm

Thursday, February 25

PTO Box Top Blitz

PBIS meeting - Training room 7:35 am

Report Cards will go home with students along with ISTEP+ results & a cover letter

ACR Re: PS Taylor 9 am Training Room

Mtg for BS with mom 10:30 am Training Room

ACR Re: BR Upchurch 1 pm Training Room

ACR Re: JR Upchurch 1 pm Training Room

MS Wrestling @ Whitko

6 GBB @ New Paris 4:45 pm

Friday, February 26

PTO Box Top Blitz

PBIS Trimester Incentives

Hat Day $1 for Pennies with Patients

K-8 Staff Mtg 7:35 am Band Room - talk about PTO $$ and furniture/tech purchases


If you are writing a grant for anything - please let us know. We just need to coordinate everything we are doing.


We have made some changes - our third & sixth graders have to do one of the Book ll pilot books. We had to push grades 7 & 8 back a week, but it helps us with pull-out groups and gives the little 3rd graders a couple of days before IREAD3. More on this at our meeting Wednesday.

Teachers of grades K-2 we are not changing specials this year. Yay! We will share testing locations with you - and student movement in the halls will need to be kept at a minimum.

March 1-4 grades 3, 4, 5 & 6 will test

March 7 - 11 grades 7/8 will test as well as finishing up Pilot books and IREAD3 practice