I.T. Monthly: February Issue

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In February's edition, we have provided some valentine and black history lesson plans, activities and other resources to use in your classroom. You will also find helpful instructions and videos for various district resources.

Please read through this newsletter completely. Contact us with any tips, tricks, or suggestions to help improve our communication!

~I.T. Department

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💌 Valentine's Activities for Learning 💌

💝 Fun Valentine's Day Crafts & Activities 💝

Make Amazing Cards!

Click here to creative and fun cards activities. There are tutorials to go along with them.

Celebrate Black History Month!

Important Quotes

“If there is a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, you must be the one to write it.” —Toni Morrison

“When you get, give. When you learn, teach.” —Maya Angelou

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” —Frederick Douglass

“Truth is powerful and it prevails.” —Sojourner Truth

“The time is always right to do what is right.” —Martin Luther King Jr.

Black History Primary Sources for Teachers

Put the power of primary sources to work in the classroom. Browse ready-to-use lesson plans, student activities, collection guides and research aids from the National Archives.

Black History Month Library

Click here for several books and videos about important Black Americans

SchoolStatus: Tech Application Spotlight

WPCSD provides School Status, which gives teachers a single tool to communicate with parents.

Teachers are able to communicate with privacy and security with calls, texts and emails from a computer or cell phone.

School Status keeps track of every conversation and every attempt to connect without you having to write it down or keep track.

Click the links below for the instructions on how send text messages, make calls, and send broadcast messages to parents.

How to Send a Text to Parents

Click here to view instructions for sending text messages to parents.

How to Make a Call from a Mobile Phone

Click here to view instructions for making calls to parents with cell phone.

How to Send a Broadcast Message

Click here to view instructions for sending Broadcast messages.


MDE & Newsela Newsletter for February

Check out the February newsletter which includes training opportunities, implementation tips & tricks and more!

Newsela's February Calendar

Explore Newsela's Content Calendar

Paper Tutoring

What's New with Paper: Product Updates!

PAPER now provides even more assistance for students who prefer to learn by listening and/or speaking out loud.

Voice Notes — a new accessibility-minded offering from PAPER — allows both students and tutors alike to record and send audio messages during Live Help sessions. This addition opens the door for students who would like to use Live Help but are more comfortable with auditory learning methods.

PAPER’S Voice Notes feature will be particularly helpful for students who are gaining proficiency in reading and writing. English Learners (ELs) may also find this new feature beneficial as they work with a tutor in their native language.

Voice Notes Pager

Click here to read how Paper's Educational Support system provides even more assistance for students who prefer to learn by listening and/or speaking out loud!

PAPER Activity: Math Missions

Ideas for Use:

  • Daily Warm-Up/Exit Ticket: Facilitate students completing 2-5 questions each day for your students to review key math concepts.

  • Benchmark Review: Have your students select which standard that needs extra practice with and complete 1-3 word problems.

  • Centers: Select 5 math missions for your students to complete with a Paper Tutor.

  • Study Guides: Assign math missions and encourage students and parents to use Paper’s subject matter experts.

  • Homework: Select 2-5 math missions for students to complete at home with a Paper tutor

Check out the video below!👇🏾

PAPER Activities: 📚 ACT™ Prep 📚 Ways to Implement Paper!

Here are some exciting Plug and Play for your CCR classes. We know ACT testing is right around the corner and a large number of high school students are starting to plan for those next steps.

So, team up with PAPER this ACT season to give your students the extra practice to become more familiar with questions, common mistakes, and test taking strategies for standardized testing. 💪🏾

Ideas for Student Use & Free Resources:

  • Take an ACT™ Practice Test and start a live help session with a Paper tutor on questions you missed!

  • Free ACT™ Official Online Practice Test found here

  • Work with a Paper tutor on ACT™ practice questions during bell ringers and study halls.

  • Sample test questions found here.

  • Complete ACT™ sample writing prompts and upload them to the writing review center for feedback!

  • ACT™ sample writing prompts and rubrics found here.

PAPER Tutoring Resources

Click here to see a compiled list of Paper Resources!

Canvas Quick Tips

How to Post a Zoom Recording in the Modules

Check out the video below on how to post a Zoom Recording in your Canvas Modules for students!

How to Generate Pairing Codes for Parent Observers in Canvas

Do you have parents requesting to be added as an observer in Canvas? Below you will find the step-by-step instructions on how to generate a pairing code for parent observers and instructions to send to parents on how to link to their child's Canvas account in the Parent app.
How to Generate a Pairing Code for Parent Observers

Click here to download step-by-step instructions.

For Parents: Canvas Parent App

Share with your Parents the instructions on How to link to their child's Canvas Account in the Parent App.


How to Save and Delete Zoom Cloud Recordings

Teachers, please delete all of last semester's Zoom recordings. The best way is to use the date filter to locate all of last semester's recordings (August to December) and delete. If you need to keep your recordings, you can download them and save to either One drive or Google drive.

Please click on the button below for the instructions. If you need help, please feel free to reach out to us.

~IT Department

How to Save and Delete Cloud Recordings

Click here for the instructions.


Kami Product Updates!

Feature Control Improvements

Show or hide Voice Typing and Closed Captions.

  • Toggle visibility of Voice Typing and Closed Captions via Feature Control
  • Edit feature controls before sharing with students and/or collaborators
  • Change settings anytime and for specific Kami Docs

What's New Button

Two speedy options to stay in the know about Kami updates and changes.

  • Kami Dashboard:
    Click the bell icon (upper-right corner)
  • Kami Doc:
    Click Help dropdown (upper-right corner)
    Click the bell icon

Coming Soon: Undo and Redo buttons

Very soon you’ll see two new buttons in your Kami menu bar — undo and redo.

  • Click the undo button to go back a step
  • Click the redo button to reverse a change
  • You can also use keyboard shortcuts

Click here to read about the new Product Updates!

Free Professional Development Opportunities

MDE Imagine Math State Training

MDE Imagine Math State Training (Using Data to Inform - M.E.A.L.S -Standards mastery Prep) February 7, 2023 at 9:00 am. If you can attend this session live, you will receive a certificate that can be used towards CEU’s. If you cannot attend live but still register, you will receive the recording.

Click here to register.

Imagine Math Learning Webinars Series for Mississippi

Click here for a full list of sessions.

FriedTechnology On-Demand Learning Opportunities

Upgrade your technology skills with these free asynchronous courses provided by friEdOnline for all Mississippi educators at NO COST!

Browse through the list of courses and register at https://www.friedonline.com/mscourses. Once enrolled, participants have 10 months to complete the course. Course completers will receive a Certificate of Completion and can apply for CEUs or SEMIs within 6 months of completing the course. For more information, please contact ms.help@fried.tech.


Click HERE to explore helpful resources, practice new skills, and reflect on ways Apple technology can support great learning and teaching.
Mississippi Connect

Mississippi Connects along with MDE professional development partners are pleased to offer a variety of professional learning opportunities and resources to Mississippi educators to support their digital learning needs.

MDE: Professional Development Calendar

Click here to see all of the Professional Development opportunities MDE has to offer.

MSU Extension: Center for Continuing Education

Click here to learn more about MSU Center for Continuing Education offers online and in-person trainings for teachers to earn CEUs.

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Check for Updates on Surface Pro

Your Surface Pro needs to be updated every two weeks; think of it as your phone. If you notice it running slow, or having any other issues, then it's probably time for some updates.

Be sure to check for updates on your computer and online Microsoft updates.

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How to Check for Updates on Your Surface Pro

Complete instructions for checking for updates.

Previous I.T. Staff Newsletters

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MDE: Digital Learning Best Practices

Click on the picture below to learn about addressing the needs of ALL learners.

Click the picture below to learn how utilizing digital tools can help teachers differentiate instruction and support all learners!

MDE: Digital Learning Instructional Guide

Click here to learn how to integrate digital learning into classroom instruction.


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Digital Citizenship Playlist for K-12: Youtube

Click here to find Digital Citizenship YouTube Videos for K-12

ITS Cyber Tips Newsletter: December

West Point Consolidated School District: I.T. Department

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