IB Primary Years Programme Update

February 2019 - Chinese New Year Celebration

Chinese Language Instruction

As an International Baccalaureate school, offering the Primary Years Program, Wade King students are exposed to both the Chinese language and Chinese culture. On Wednesday, February 20th, our school community celebrated Chinese New Year, or the Lunar New Year. This was an opportunity to deepen our understanding of this cultural tradition. We even learned how two families, who are connected to Wade King, celebrate. Here's to the Year of the Pig!

Happy New Year!

新年快樂 - xin nian kuai le

First Dragon Parade

Our Chinese New Year celebration began with Owen and Llyr introducting our program and the elder (our oldest) Chinese dragon. All of Mr. Cornelsen's students fit inside the elder dragon and students had to work as team to move the dragon down the aisle to the beat of our student percussionists playing our large Chinese drum, cymbals, and gong. This was followed by a video about Chinese New Year produced and narrated by our 5th grade students.

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The Annual Arrival of Our Dear Friend, Shi Zi

Jasmine and Elsa introduced our next special guest, our New Year's lion puppet named Shi Zi. Each year, Shi Zi makes the trek to the Wade King celebration to explain Chinese New Year customs to our students. Shi Zi speaks in Chinese and Mrs. McMeel shares the translation. Shi Zi told our students about the special foods eaten on New Year's - noodles representing a long life, dumplings representing good things in small packages, and a whole fish to represent prosperity.

5th Grade Inquiry

Our 5th graders worked with Mrs. Hagin and Mrs. Anderson to find answers to questions they had about Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival. They learned many things and shared that learning with us in a video.

Chinese Musical Presentation by our 4th and 5th grade students

Andrew and Silas introduced our 5th grade musicians who played rhythm instruments and ukuleles leading our school in the song, Dui Bu Qi. This year, our 4th grade students joined them on stage to help sing. Jenny and Chase also did an introduction of the song and encouraged audience participation.

Gong Xi

Chelsea and Johnny also introduced our musical numbers including our annual all school singing of Gong Xi, the Chinese New Year song. Mrs. Hagin lead the school in the singing while Mrs. Foote and Mrs Howard's classes prepared for the final dragons of the day.
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The Finale: The Running of the Dragons

Each year, the New Year Dragon (in yellow) chases out the Old Year Dragon (in red). Mrs. Foote's class and Mrs. Howards' class enjoyed performing the dragons as well as the ribbon wands. It is always exciting to see both dragons perform together.
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新年快樂 xin nian kuai le Happy Year of the Pig!