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5th Grade News - Friday, December 12, 2014

Upcoming Events

*Toys for Tots Compassion Drive until Monday, 12/15

* Food Pantry Collections until Friday, 12/19

* Unit 5 Math test - Wednesday, 12/18

* Unit 3 Week 1 Reading test Thursday, 12/19

* Spelling Test Thursday, 12/19

*Greek & Latin Roots quiz (DICT), Friday, 12/20

*Yearbook Order Forms - Extended Deadline Wednesday, 12/17

* Winter Holiday Party - Friday, 12/19 @ 12:50-1:50 p.m.


  • Need Tablet Help at Home? There is a parent/student resource folder available to you! This contains help sheets and instructions on how to use various apps, how to access materials, and some tablet basics. We will be adding more resources to the folder, so check back often!

    You can access the folder at: http://tinyurl.com/D158TechHelp

Hour of Code

This week, our class participated in the "Hour of Code" initiative, which is part of National Computer Science Education Week, December 8-14. Students had a great time learning simple code, helping each other, and problem solving. I even learned something new! For more information go to http://hourofcode.com/us


This week we took our Unit 2 Reading Street Test; and most students did very well! On Thursday, we started Unit 3, which focuses on the essential question "What do people gain from the work of inventors and artists? This is an excellent connection to the Hour of Code, and what we learned about people with entrepreneurial spirit in the computer science field. Our test over Week 1 will be next Thursday, 12/19.

In writing, we tried to cut and paste our typed narratives into the web-based program called "Big Universe", but ran into some technological problems. I hope to take the class to the computer lab so we can finish this up before the break.

Finally, the downstairs 5th grade classrooms held their first "Battle of the Books" meeting. Students met their team members from other 5th grade classes and discussed the books they are reading. Beginning in January, groups will meet a couple of times per month to discuss books, look over cover notes, and discuss strategy for the battle. It is expected that your child read the 10 books on their list between now and April in order to participate in the Battle. After 10 books are read, they are welcome to read anything from the other lists :)


This week we finished up our work in Unit 5, which involved converting fractions to decimals and percents. Students will receive the Unit 5 Study Guide on Monday, and we will have our Unit 5 test on Wednesday, 12/17.

Beginning this week, I have asked students to complete Xtra Math on their tablets at the beginning of our math time. I will try to do this a couple of times per week, based on the difficulty of the math lesson and the time needed for instruction. If we completed Xtra Math in class, it is not necessary that your child complete it again that evening at home (but it is ok if they want to). We took another 2-minute timed multiplication test in the classroom, and many of the students have already improved their score from last week!

DARE Program Wrap-up and Essay Winner

The votes are in, and......congratulations to Abby Tatosian for winning our classroom DARE essay contest! I had the privledge of hearing all of the essays this Monday, and each of your children did a fantastic job writing to their "future self" about all of the things they learned during the DARE program. Officer Amy was kind enough to video each student while they read their essay to the class; so if you would like to view your child's video, it is on their tablet. :)


This week we read a Reader's Theater about the Boston Massacre. The students seemed to enjoy it and even used British dialect when taking on the role of a soldier :) We also watched a video about the Boston Tea Party. Next week we plan to wrap up our study of events leading up to the Revolutionary War.


Coming soon.......student reporters will begin writing part of our weekly newsletter!

Have an awesome weekend!

Dana Turk