Second Grade

3rd Quarter Newsletter

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front row: Miss Colvin, Mr. Dowell, Mrs. Speir

back row: Mrs. Rieger, Mrs. Yancey, Ms. Kretchman

Keep Cardinal PRIDE going!

PRIDE = Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility, Integrity, Discipline, and Excellence

We are impressed by the displays of Cardinal Pride students continue to exhibit throughout the building. Whether it be at lunch, in the classroom, on the playground or bus, we continue to shine bright with Cardinal PRIDE!


During this quarter we will be learning how to:

-identify fairy tales

-compare and contrast different versions of fairy tales

-describe characters, setting, conflict and resolution of fictional stories

-use character traits to describe a character based on his/her thoughts, actions, and words

-summarize fictional stories

-identify the theme(s) of fictional stories

-identify characteristics of biographies

-complete a research project on a famous person

-use text features to ask and answer questions

-draw conclusion

-use word reference materials


During this quarter we will be learning the following concepts:

-count by 10s forwards and backwards to 120

-count by 2s and 5s to 120 starting at various numbers

-identify even and odd

-count money up to $1.00 using previous coins - dime, penny, nickel and the new coin - quarter

-compare sets of money up to $1.00 using < > = symbols

-estimate addition and subtraction words problems

-add and subtract 2 digit numbers with and without regrouping

Science and Social Studies

Science and Social Studies are embedded in our language arts instruction. During this quarter we will be learning:


-American symbols

-famous Americans

-plants: what they need and the life cycle