Marine Biology

By: Halley Dellemann

Job Description/Duties

Marine Biologists study animals in their natural habitat, study animal behaviors to learn how they react to certain things and disect them to learn about the different things animals eat and the different diseases they get.

Environmental Relationship Between the Job and the Environment

Marine biologists work with global warming and environmental issues like carbon dioxide displacements. Also, marine biologists help study if animals with diseases are easily gonna contaminate and/or disturb the other animals.

Education Necessary to do the job successfully

Bachelors Degree in Biological or Marine Science

And a PhD in Biology

Salary Range

$33,000 - $110,000 per year


Some advantages are that you get to travel to different places in the world, you get a lot of money, you can work with technology, and you can work with animals everyday.


Some disadvantages are that when on a boat you will face some oceanic forces like hurricanes and rogue waves, you could get hurt either by an animal or by loss of oxygen when deep water diving, and then sometimes you don't get to see your family for awhile while traveling.

Ineresting Facts

Even though 71% of the world is covered in ocean, only 10% of the oceans were actually discovered.