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Eric Jung - Christians Using Social Media

Eric Jung - Christians Using Social Media

Christians Using Social Media

Social media is a tool, a powerful double edged sword. This tool is neither inherently good or bad, but how we use it can have either great or devastating effects. As we have seen in recent history, social media has become a very easy outlet for people to post any and all opinions they have on recent events. It is as if people can throw a hand grenade on something that is already on fire and then enjoy watching it explode. On the other hand, Christians using social media rightly can be a powerful positive voice that can clearly show what true believers are about to a community.

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Who is Eric Jung?

Eric Jung is a follower of Christ, a husband and father of four. He is a Board Member for Love Our Cities, a movement to “help cities worldwide love their cities like Jesus would.” He is currently working on a Cause Marketing platform, Gelper, aimed to help non-profits raise funding to better fulfill their mission.

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