Stay Safe in the Car!

Skyler Ray & Robyn Dugdale

S.A.F.E.T.Y. in the Car

Dangerous Activities in the Car

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Smoking in the car is a common activity that has many negative outcomes, even smoking outdoors would be better than in a car.The reasons why smoking in cars (windows up or down) is dangerous is because if you drop the cigarette either onto your body or the car floor, the ashes could make contact with that surface and could cause your car mat or clothes to catch on fire. The other example is if you smoke in the car with the windows up, maybe not so much if they are down, for the smoke may become trapped in the vehicle and can damage the smokers lungs, as well as the other riders in the car.
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Putting on Makeup

Even if you believe that making yourself perfect is more important than keeping your eyes on the road ahead, your life and security isn't the only one being put in danger. For example, if you are too busy admiring yourself in the mirror rather than the road, you can cause an accident with another car nearby and injure or kill the other/s in that car. You may even run over a pedestrian crossing the street, run a red light, go over the speed limit, and maybe even lose track of where you're going because you weren't paying attention to the road signs.
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Texting & Chatting on Your Phone

Another common dangerous car activity is when a driver is too busy talks or texting on their phones that they don't pay attention to the road ahead, where they are going, others around them, or maybe even how they're driving. This may cause this certain the other drivers around that certain person to crash into other cars nearby. The other actions that may take place if some one texts or chats while driving would be running over a pedestrian or causing an accident that may affect the community by damaging roads and other road-side props.
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Speeding is one of the most common things that is done on the road. All over the world speeders, people who go over the speed limit of that certain road, street, or highway, are fined expensive and cheaper fees, the amount of the fine depends on the whereabouts and possibly even the speed of which they were going. It wouldn't be unlikely that you would never see someone speeding on the road.

Because speeding is quite commonly done and has a few ghastly outcomes, people have invented a speed detectors and special cameras that will take a picture of a speeding cars license plate. Then the speed trackers will e-mail the fine to that cars driver..

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Eating & Drinking

One other example could be if you are drinking a beverage or even eating in the car while steering the vehicle, you may become distracted by the food/s or beverage/s so this may cause you to end up in an accident. These are all so dangerous because if you are distracted and not driving properly then there is a bigger chance of you crashing and if you crash there is a very high chance that you will be injured or die, but occasionally, although highly unlikely, you may escape accidents unscathed.


These aren't the only dangerous actions that are done in the car and there are many more activities that could also all result with a crash, life endangerment, and the risk of injuries. Do not only avoid these actions, but avoid all dangerous activities similar to these examples for your sake and the others around you.

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Quick Quiz on Safety!

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Car Safety Quiz!

  1. What are some car safety rules that you consider most relevant? Why?
  2. Which dangerous actions that can be done in the car would you think is the most threatening?
  3. Have you ever been included in an accident? If yes, what was it like to you? If not, what do you think it would be like?
  4. How do you think the community would be improved if everyone followed the car safety rules?
  5. What features would you add to a car to make life safer for the driver and the passengers? How would this make driving safer?

About this Exhibition...

Our exhibition is related to Safety in the Car and our action will be to try to reduce the number accidents near the Uptown School community and beyond. We also want to make sure everyone who comes to our school is safe while in the car.