6th Grade Technology

By: Courtney Rusch

Typing Web

  • We had to be done with Intermediate before the Second Quarter
  • There are 11 courses intermediate level and 9 courses in the Advanced level
  • In the site there are games that you can play and it helps you with your typing
  • At the start of class every other day you have to do a 5 minute typing warm-up
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  • iMovie is an app on the app store, you can get the app store for $4.99
  • In iMovie we had to make a trailer about whatever we wanted
  • For the iMovie I made mine on "My 12 Birthday Party"
  • If you do a trailer you can only have a limited number of pictures you can put in to in
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Haiku Deck

  • The presentation had to be about what we want to do when we grow up
  • Pictures you used had to be relevant to what you were talking about on the slide
  • It had to be 10 or more slides long
  • You were encouraged to have little words on each of your slides
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Explain Everything

  • There was 10 math problems that we could find the answer to
  • We could only pick one problem to find the answer to and submit
  • The presentation had to have pictures
  • It have a recording of our voice doing the problem
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Career Locker

  • Every week there is a person you can find on the website
  • In captain career they give yo three hints to find him
  • With the week of career locker Mrs. Van came in and talked to us about every
  • You can look up what ever you want to know about your dream job
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  • Before the first quarter to get a 4 you had to be done with stage 8 and 9
  • There's many different programs you can do like: Minecraft, Frozen, Star Wars, Angry Birds and many more
  • With some of the programs you can make a game with the codes
  • When a new thing gets added there is a video or notes that tell you how to use it
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