It's All About Knowing Your Why~

Hilliard Crossing & Scioto Darby

First, A Little About Me~

Hello, Everyone!

I am so excited to be joining your building as your Technology Integration Coach! My most recent position had me learning alongside first graders at Darby Creek who love learning as much as I do. (I have also taught kindergarten, second-grade, and students with special needs in fourth and fifth-grade.)

My husband, Tim and I have two college age daughters. Lexi is starting graduate school at the College Of Charleston, NC this fall and Olivia will be expanding her college experience with a trip abroad! She leaves for Italy on August 28th! Tim and I will be true empty nesters!

This new role will free up more time for my hobbies. Like reading, writing, eating out, long afternoons in cozy coffee shops, playing on technology, the Ohio State Buckeyes, and shopping!

Now, My Why~

The decision to embark on this new journey and step out of my classroom took deep reflection. I had to ask myself why I teach and when I did I realized this is my next step. Learning to integrate technology into my classroom presented opportunities I had not even imagined possible. My experience living abroad taught me to look behind the person I see in front of me, and to look deeper, to look instead for the intentions behind actions. When I look at others from this perspective I see that we are all more similar than different. As an educator, I feel passionate about helping others view the world from our similarities. This is my WHY. From here learning the many ways a task is carried out or a need is met allows us to experience pure curiosity free of judgment. We learn to respect and work together.

Technology has allowed my students to learn about others and themselves as learners. Though the choice of tools students have discovered their learning preferences, needs, strengths, and passions. Technology, like literacy, has enabled students to make the world smaller, develop empathy, and learn about others and their perspectives.

I want to help you bring this learning to your students. I hope you'll share your ideas and your questions with me. Please invite me in to help you and your class create, share, and expand perspectives in learning!

Looking for ideas, possibilities, or inspiration? Browse my class web page Behind the Scenes in First Grade or visit my Canvas page in the Commons.

Michael Jr: Know Your Why

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I will make a list of everyone from our building so we can share and seek inspiration from one another!

Fun Facts~

  • My husband and I went to Hilliard City Schools K-12
  • Phyllis (Tice) Brown and I went to High School together!
  • Scioto Darby was my 9th-grade building!
  • I was at Hilliard Crossing the year it opened! Mrs. O'Conners met all the teachers in the center hall and said- "Go pick your rooms!" It was a family moving into a new house and siblings vying for the coolest room.
  • My husband and I lived in Okinawa, Japan. I find this experience changed the way I view the world and broadened my thinking. Even today it continues to inspire who I am as a person and as an educator. I strive to help students understand the varying perspectives of others, to be accepting, and to learn about the person behind the one they see.

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I include this because my work here tells my digital story. I wasn't always open too technology!

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