Globalization & Geography

Ral Fabila

6 Word Story

My life has way more technology.

What is Globalization?

Globalization is exchanging cultural and economic products and ideas around the world which results in a more efficient and easier way to communicate and to also have a better connection with other countries.
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Pros on Globalization

  • Globalization creates a worldwide market for companies and customers
  • Allows companies to make a greater profit
  • We can easily communicate all around the world
  • Instant access to the information from anywhere in the world
  • Better understanding of foreign values and attitudes

Cons on Globalization

  • People from developing countries are losing their jobs and their rights as well
  • There is so much more greed now than before
  • Dangerous or violent ideals can spread faster leading to misconceptions, sometimes leading to misunderstanding between countries, leading to war
  • It may also lead to loss of cultural diversity as Western ideas are imposed upon the Eastern thoughts
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My Product: Xbox 360

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Where it is manufactured and why?

The Xbox 360 gaming console was manufactured in plants in the Pearl Delta region in Southern China by companies, Flextronics and Wistron (who worked on the first Xbox) and Celestica (a new partner of Microsoft). The console was made in China but some of the parts were made in other countries like the Hard Drive was made in Minnesota, USA, the Ethernet Cable was made in Japan and other countries. The reason why it was mainly manufactured in Southern China is because the Southern Chinese population has a large number of inhabitant workers, and in turn means cheap labor because you don't need to pay you employees as much to work on the product.

Pearl Delta Region, Southern China

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China Population

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Cultivation map of China

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Economical Globalization is the increasing economic integration and independence of national, regional, and local economies across the world through an intensification of cross border movement of goods, services, technologies and capital.


Environmental Globalization is the increase of human interaction with the environment and the impact of its increased activity.


Technological Globalization is the advancement in technology and the effects that it had over the years it has been developing.


Cultural Globalization is the relationship between other people around the world. Sharing ideas, tradition, religion, and government is how people interact with each other.

Globalization promblems and solutions

Economic problem: When some companies are manufacturing their goods, they sometimes use the cheaper and less efficient parts to make their product.

Solution: Try to use the best possible parts when manufacturing the products because goods that have bad parts are sometimes proven to be faulty and might be called back to the market purposes.

Environmental problem: Manufacturing goods in factories could cause major pollution for the environment and could be very dangerous. Also when we ship our goods by plane which is almost as bad as factories polluting the air with the chemical substances by carrying large amounts of fossil fuels while transporting products.

Solution: For shipping, we could make it easier to transport our goods like with cargo ships instead of using a plane or a jet. For companies polluting the air, the factory could switch to a different planting process that doesn't use as harmful chemicals.

Technological problem: Since our would is starting to become more reliant on technology like smartphones. People today consider socializing as talking to someone through a screen. It's only good if you are talking to someone who is in a different country, not someone who is your next door neighbor.

Solution: People should spend less time in front of a screen and spending more time with people. Technological advancement has been majorly improved over the years and is used for both good and bad purposes.

Cultural problem: People who share different religions and having different types of views could possibly lead to wars like countries in the Middle-East.

Solution: We should stop the discrimination between one or another's views and come to peace with these terms.

Where would you see yourself in 15 years?

In 15 years, I would see myself living back home in the Philippines because I would want to go back and visit my family and friends that I started to grow up with. I would want to work in the amazing and beautiful city of Manila as a successful doctor. It would also be cool if I could attend college and study at a medical school there too. Another reason that I would love to live in the Philippines is because I live near an absolutely gorgeous beach and it's also a very tropical area, so I love the nice warm and humid weather. I would also like to have a family and to have kids and become a father. This is what I would see myself doing in 15 years.
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How my life is affected by Globalization

The Positive Ways: When I think of Globalization in a good way, I always think of my daily life, Monday through Friday. Every morning at 5:30, my phone rings an alarm to wake me up and gets me ready to start my day, which is technology. Then I take a shower and get dressed in my nice flannels and a good pair of shoes. Then I go to the living room to eat my breakfast, which is a daily reminder that people in their countries are providing us with the essential needs we have today. I make sure that I have everything I need to get me through the day then I go to my bus stop to wait for my bus to serve as a form of transportation to my school in Derry. When I arrive at school, I go to all of my classes and I learn many new things from each of my classes which is also cultural, technological, and economical. I talk with my friends during our spare time, like lunch, and talk about lives and if anything interesting has happened since we last met up. At the end of the day when the final bell rings, I pack up all of my stuff and go to my bus and start to do my homework, to study for any upcoming test, quizzes or exams and/or do upcoming projects.
The Negative Ways: Sometimes my life, which is affected by Globalization, isn't always affected in a positive way, but not only for me, but also for the people around me. The biggest problem for me is my phone and my PlayStation 4 console. I'm always finding myself on either one of these devices at one point or another. Instead of going outside socializing with the family, I am either texting my friends, playing video games, listening to music, on social media, etc. This also affects how I preform at school. When I am supposed to study for a test or typing up an essay, I am usually procrastinating and either on my phone or playing video games. This then leads to me getting lower grades and not being as persistent in doing homework. These can sometimes benefit me in the future, but for most people, it doesn't.

Claim on Globalization

Globalization is something that people all over the world have to rely on everyday. Without Globalization, our world as a whole, would be operated very differently than a world that has Globalization.
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