What do employers want?!

What exactly is it that employers want in an employee?

In this newsletter I am going to tell you exactly who wants what in ICT. I am going to review 2 different jobs, analyse them and then tell you what exactly it is that they want from you.

ICT Support Technician

One of the most valued qualities that you can have with this sort of job role is the understanding of some of the systems that the company uses already. For example in this job they are looking for someone that has experience and an understanding of Windows, iOS and networking hardware. It is key when you are applying for jobs to make sure that you have experience in all of these as it will help you get the job massively if you are exactly what they are looking for. This is something that is seen quite often and is completely understandable. If you have no experience with any of these then they will have to train you internally or externally and that costs money and most companies don't like spending money so they will look for someone that doesn't need to have that training.

Another key attribute to have when you are working as an IT Tech is problem solving. This is key to this exact job as it is something that you will have to do on an almost daily basis. In this job role you will most likely have people come to you and ask you to fix whatever is wrong with their computers. If you are good at problem solving then this will be a lot easier for yourself as you will go through all of the things that could be wrong and find out what needs to be done but if you are not very good at problem solving then you will struggle to find out what is wrong without the help of someone that is good at it. It is often not a necessity but it is always a very good quality to have to just help boost yourself in the market of IT techs.

Enthusiasm. This is an attribute that is very necessary for two main reasons. The first of which is that you will be able to do your job a lot quicker as it is something that you're interested in and because of this you will be able to do all of the jobs that you are doing a lot quicker than someone that isn't enthusiastic about what they are doing. Secondly you will enjoy what you are doing. If you enjoy what you are doing for a living then you will be able to work at a much quicker p[ace then someone that doesn't enjoy what they are doing. You will also take pride in the work that you do which means that the work that you do will often come out to a higher quality.

ICT Manager

This is a very big role and because it is a role with large responsibility then want you to have a few certain qualities about yourself.

One of the main qualities that people look for when they are hiring any sort of manager is leadership. Whether they can keep control of their employees, give out the appropriate work, manage their time and others time. You need to be able to train people to do new things and you will not be able to do that if you do not have the relevant experience as a previous manager. Experience of leadership can be in the form of a sports team, a club or having done a managerial role before. One thing that you need to remember though, is not to abuse the power that you have and remember that you're leading your employees not bossing them around.

In this job you will need to have a large amount of knowledge. If you don't know what it is that you're doing then you aren't suited to the job at all. You should be teaching yourself all the time as well, trying to keep up with what is happening with technology at the moment so that if needed or wanted you can look at implementing new ways of doing things into your business. Most ICT managers should know about networking, servers and general computer problem solving so that if they hire an employee that does not know much about subjects like these then they can teach them and make them aware of what they need to be doing in their job.

One of the most important things about being an ICT manager is commitment. When you start this job you need to be fully committed to what you're doing otherwise you will be setting a bad example for the employees that you have and they will likely follow suit. You need to make sure that this is a sector that you are interested in and committed to as you will have a lot expected from yourself. Commitment is key to success as if you are not that bothered about what you do then the company will likely struggle and they will not be able to operate as efficiently as they could.