Casualties of War

Sam Imhoff

Keeping Promises is Not Easy to Do

Four friends go off to the Vietnam War. Beck is the smartest of the four friends. He should have gone off to college but he had made a promise to his friends to go to war with them. He joins the airforce as a mechanic. He is taught how to fix different types of planes. During his time in the war, Beck begins to doubt if he will be coming home. Will he be able to keep his promise to his friends? Read to find out if Beck will be able to keep his promise!

Beck (main character)

Beck is a very smart guy. He is in the airforce as a mechanic. He works on many different planes as well as bombs and supersonic jets. He is about 18 years old with dark hair. He is a very nice guy and someone you would want to be your friend.

Carney ( a fellow airman)

He is an average guy. He is a higher rank than Beck. He works along side with Beck delivering bombs to the paint shop. He is a nice guy and fun to be around. He and Beck end up becoming good friends.

The Jungle of Vietnam

This book takes place in Vietnam in the jungle. It is very hot and humid and rains for a lot of the time. There are a lot of trees and tall grasses. The sun is blazing hot and seems to be out all the time.
Will Beck be able to keep his promise to his friends? Beck joins the airforce during the Vietnam War inorder to keep his promise to his friends but he is unsure if he will be able to keep it. He knows there is always the chance that he could be killed. He does not want to let done his friends. Beck does his job without question and he is able to stay alive. He did keep his promise and will someday be reuinted with his friends.

Chris Lynch ( Author)

Chris was born in Boston in 1962. He has two children. He enjoys writing books for young readers. He teaches at the Lesley University and spends time in Massachusettes and Scotland.
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