How to Add Friends on the Facebook

Learn How to Add, Remove, Block and Tag Friends on Facebook

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Add, Remove, Block and Tag Friends on Facebook

Facebook is the fascinating social media platform like many others available on the web because of its user-friendly features and highly responsive functionalities. You are supposed to have friends if looking to get tapped into Facebook. For this, you need to add friends. You might be surprised how can you add lots of friends on Facebook if there are only a few buddies whose names are at your fingertips. But in the social media world, friends are not only those with whom you love to interact as your co-workers, family members, family members, the friend of friends also come under the category of friends.

Likewise, you can tag, remove or block Facebook contacts from the friend list whenever you want. There is a proper procedure of adding, tagging, blocking as well as removal of friends. Facebook customer support can really help in this case if you are actually unaware of the steps for :

· How to Add Friends on Facebook

· How to Tag friends on Facebook

· How to block friends on Facebook

· How to delete friends on Facebook

Steps for Adding Friends on Facebook

· Find the person in the search option you want to add

· Once you find the profile of a particular person listed on the screen, click on the same

· Once the profile is flashed up on the screen, look for the mutual friends you both are sharing

· If there are some friends who know both of you, then it can be quite comfortable for you to send a friend request.

· Click on Add as Friend button seen in the FB profile of that person

· Wait for the friend request acceptance from that end.

· Facebook will send you the notification once he/she is added in you friend list.

Tagging Friends on Facebook

Friends can easily be tagged on the Facebook posts or images or while making an update on the Facebook wall. Here are the steps to tag friends on Facebook:

· Access the Facebook account

· Go to the timeline page and post update

· If you want to tag your friend on that post, then press @ and type the first name of your friend.

· Once you do this, the Facebook users with that name will appear in the drop down list.

· If you find your friend in that list,click on the same

· Press post button.

· Once the update is posted on the Facebook wall, then not only your friend but his friends on the Facebook will see the post if he has not made restriction to check the same before adding it to the timeline.

· Same is the case with images. You will find tag option in the image.

· Click on it. Upon doing this, take your mouse to any part of the image and the small rectangle box appears on the screen where you need to type the first name.

· Upon doing this, the list of people are seen in the drop down list. Select the person know amongst all and click it through mouse to make changes effective..

Blocking Friends on Facebook

There might be some friends in your Facebook who keep disturbing you continuously whilst you’re in the middle of some important task. You can block that person directly by clicking on the options aside Friends which displays the block option. Click on the block and that person will not be able to see you in his friend's list. If you unblock the person after some time, that person will not be reflected in your friend list as you need to send the friend request again.

Removing Friends from Friend List

Removing the person from friend list is not a big deal. You need to access his profile and click on friends button. Doing this, it will display the option unfriend. Just select the option and wait for a second to get the things effective.

Though the steps to add, tagging, blocking or deletion of Facebook account is something you want to do in a simplified way. The steps above to add a friend on Facebook is clearly specified. Other than this, we have also discussed tagging, blocking or deleting a friend from the Facebook account. Still incase you have any doubts, Facebook technical support number +1-855-510-0444 is the one where you can directly contact certified experts to get much-needed help in this regards.