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Whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant we have lawyers ready to help you. Filing a complaint against someone can be confusing and stressful but our expert lawyers will take care of it. If you received a summons and need to show up to court but don't know what to do you can ask our team of legal advisers what steps you need to take.

Before the trial:

As a plaintiff after the complaint is filed the defendant will receive a summons and have to enter a pleading. At the pretrial conference the judge is able to hear what the case is about and figure out a plan in his or her head. If the dispute requires an arbitrator to mediate the situation as a third party this is were they would be used.

In the court room: PLAINTIFF

Now it is time for the real trial. At the trial both parties will be present as well as any witnesses if there are any. As the plaintiff it is you and your lawyers responsibility to have the preponderance of evidence or evidence needed to prove your case. You need to be able to prove the guilt of the defendant. If the verdict come back as not guilty and you lose the case you will be responsible for court costs.

In the court room: Defendant

In court it is your responsibility to prove you are not guilty. If there is any evidence to support your argument it will be used during the trial. If the verdict comes back as guilty you may have to pay fines and fees regarding witnesses, court costs, and other legal fees.

Post Trial:

If you lost the trial and want to file an appeal to the higher courts make sure you know that appellate courts only review cases where there was a legal mistake. Appellate court is NOT a retrial where you can attempt to win a different way.
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