Principal's Bulletin

5.4.15 Edition 19

TUSD Connect Visit

Our school was selected as a model program for the way in which technology is used as an instructional tool on April 23rd. We hosted teachers and administrators from a variety of schools from Orange County and beyond with the purpose of showcasing how we TUSD Connect on our campus, You are all commended for how you have integrated technology into your teaching and you simply make it a part of how you lead your students.


When sending your students up to do copying, please remove all paper clips and staples before giving the papers to your student. The last time the machine broke down was due to a paper clip stuck inside the machine. Also, please let your students know that if the machine breaks down to not try and fix it. Please have them let Jackie or Tammis know so they can fix it. We have also noticed that there are supplies and paper left behind after a job is complete. Please make sure your student knows to just do the job that is assigned to them. Some students have been "playing" with our supplies and leaving them without putting them back or just wasting them. Thanks for your cooperation.

Emergency Training

As recommended by the Irvine Police Department, please lock all doors to your classroom.

TUSD Book Club (Attachment) - Steinmann

@TUSDBookClub is off to a great start! We currently have 60 followers, all of whom are reading our first book, Creating Innovators! The discussion is happening right now, so feel free to join the conversation on Instagram @tusdbookclub.

It is also time to announce our May book……Mindset by Carol Dweck! Please share this email with your staff as appropriate, and I look forward to another fantastic book!

Gold Ribbon Celebration

Congratulations to Molly, Jim and Josh for an exemplary Gold Ribbon validation visit. We are expecting our official announcement tomorrow.

American Legion and Top Ten Citizenship (Attachment)

Please complete the attached forms regarding American Legion and Top Ten Citizenship Nominations and return them to Tammis by Friday, May 22nd.

Jeans for Troops

We will be participating in the Jeans for Troops on May 22nd, if you wish to participate, please bring $5 to Tammis and you will receive a sticker to wear to show your support on that day.

Next Year Teaching Assignment (Attachment)

Please complete the attached form and return it to Tammis by May 15th.