What do people think about wolves?

Wolves and the Environment

Wolves are everywhere, but people have mixed feelings about them. Wolves are a great animal in our environment, yet people still don't like them. 100 years ago, they were a great threat to cattle, livestock, and humans. People hated them and went on long trips to kill them. Wolves aren't evil, demons, and dangerous . Without them, the food chain might die off and problems with the environment could happen!

Why Don't Some People Like Wolves?

Wolves- Not That Bad!

People think wolves are vicious creatures, but they're a really big part of the environment. Most people consider wolves to be very mean and dangerous ceatures. If we kill off a lot or even some of the population, there could be a big change in our environment. People also don't like wolves because they kill your cattle. We can fix that by getting stronger, heavier fences. Even though people son't like wolves doesn't mean we should kill them off completly, we should help to inform people about wolves!
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