Climate Counsellor Guide

To Dare is To Do.

Note from the National Coordinator.

I hope this mail finds you in good health. I wish to congratulate you on becoming a Climate Counsellor. The next few weeks would be hard for you, but rest assured that I will be there to support you with anything that you would be needing.

On this mail, you will find what exactly you need to do as a Climate Counsellor. Please go through them VERY VERY CAREFULLY. If you have any doubts at all, please feel free to call/E-mail me. Once done PLEASE GO THROUGH THIS. We have a facebook group where you can join and post your queries. It's here.

Steps to take

  • Step 1: Contact your college authorities and ask them to sign the CIF Form. You can find it here. It might happen that the college refuses to sign the CIF form. That only means you cannot put up posters in your college or make announcements. You can still promote via Social Media/Word of Mouth.

  • Step 2: Promote the program. This is the most important step. If you want to achieve your target of getting 25 people, you need to promote in the correct manner. Make sure you go through all the documents very carefully and give only correct information to the participants. Here is a message you can forward on E-mail/whatsapp:

    "You will find all the information about the program here. Now the program, is a self study course on Climate Change. You will get the study material and a Multimedia CD from ICCE and after you study it, you have to give an online exam. The Online would be subjective, with no right or wrong answer and you'll be graded A+, A, B+ or B. One person from each college gets an A+ and will be felicitated. On completion of the course, you'll be certified by ICCE and UNFCC.

    Now the cost of the program is Rs 750 and it covers everything. You might be wondering why you should pay that kind of amount and what benefit you'll be getting. So I'll tell you that. The resources and the study material is from NASA Climate Change, UNFCCC and World Bank Institute. Not only these organizations support the program but so does the Government of India.

    Your certification would be internationally recognized and the Green-A-Bag activity counts as Social Work. So it will not only enhance your CV, but also build your profile credibility and help you if you wish to go for higher studies or when you go for a job interview."

    Click Here to find more ways to promote this cause.
    Click here to get the E-posters.
    Click here if you want us to send you the Hard Copy of the posters.

  • Step 3: Register participants. Once people start showing interest, keep following up with them. Unless you do so, you will find that they are no longer interested. Whenever somebody is interested, take Rs 750 from them and hand them a receipt. You can find it here. Make sure you take the following details from all the participants-Name, Department, Year, Contact Number, E-mail ID. I will be sending you a Spreadsheet on Google Drive. You need to update this information there.

    P.S- There are 3 receipts in a page. You need to give just one to each participants.

  • Step 4: Once you collect all the money, you need to deposit the money(650*number of participants) to our account. Send me an E-mail when you are done collecting the money so that I can send you the Account Details. The modes of Payment are : Demand Draft, NEFT/RTGS and Direct Deposit to our ICICI Bank account. The last date to get the participants is 31st of March.

  • Step 5: Once payment is confirmed, we will send you the books and bags in 5 working days. You need to give it to your participants and they need to select a week between 1st of April-31st of May when they can give the exam. After that, we will be sending you the certificates to distribute.

This may be long, but you need to go through this very carefully to ensure that you are on top of your game. If you are having any problems in understanding anything, please contact me. Try to understand that I am keeping in check with 400 Climate Counsellors and it's not possible for me to contact each one of you each day. So please initiate any conversation. HELP ME HELP YOU. Here are my contact details:

Number: +91 8100218614

If any of the links do not work, use this. It has all the documents:

I know it will not be easy, but it's not impossible either. I ensure you that if you work hard, you will get results. I wish you all the best! Lets get this done :)