Mrs. Moy's PAP Pre-Algebra Class

Math Matters! (October 15th, 2015)

Class News!

We finished the Algebraic Equations unit with a test last Friday, and we moved into solving inequalities this week and explored how to solve and plot inequalities on a number line. I have posted a Blendspace lesson with videos and online resources in our Google Classroom site, so feel free to review the concepts if needed. Next, we will finish up the inequalities unit and then move into proportions, rates and slope in the next couple of weeks.

Clarification for Quizzes and Tests: If you failed a quiz or test, you must re-take!

Quizzes--1) Students may re-take a quiz once for full points. 2) If failed a second time, then the student may do corrections to earn back 1/2 the points. 3) If a student did not fail the quiz but would still like to improve their grade, corrections can be done to gain back 1/2 the points.

Tests-- 1) Students may re-take one time for full points BUT student must come to a required teacher tutorial either before/after school to review the concepts. 2) If failed a second time, student and teacher will need to make an individual plan to determine the next step. 3) There will not be test corrections to gain back points for tests. Everyone wanting to improve their test grade (even if you didn't fail), will take the re-test. (I will always use the higher grade.)

The CMS Math department is working to ensure student achievement and that grades reflect what the student has learned. Students are encouraged to be pro-active about their own learning and to come to tutorials when they are struggling. (If the morning tutorial times won't work for you, please email or talk to me and we can work out another arrangement. (I am available for afternoon tutorials on certain days.)

Textbook information

In case you missed the information about the math textbook, the digital copy is available at The username for most students is their GCISD email and the password is Math1234! If I assign HW from the textbook, I will try to scan a copy onto my Google classroom website, but I won't be able to do that if the assignment is from the Personal Math Trainer from the textbook company. The Personal Math Trainer is an online adaptive program for students to review and work on specific concepts designed to help them individually. If you are interested in having a hard copy of the textbook, you may purchase one in the office for $15 cash or check payable to CMS.

Tutorials: I tutor every morning at 7:30 am

I will notify you in our Google Classroom announcements if I have a meeting and am not available to tutor that morning. Please check it before you come.

Tomorrow 10/16 is the END of the first Nine Weeks grading period!

Reminder to please bring supplies to class: pencils, paper, calculator, earbuds and devices!