An Introduction To Nyria Combs!

ED: 593

My Program Of Study!

I am currently enrolled in the educational studies program here at Rivier University. This is my second semester and I am loving it! My intended date of graduation is May 2017!

Current Job?

My current "job" is full-time student. I am taking the two years to complete my masters degree before I go into the working world. This way I can devote my full time and attention to my studies

My Comfort Level With Technology!

As far as my comfort level with technology, I have a basic understanding of programs out there online (prezi, google docs, ETC). I'm very good with a Mac computer, not so much with a PC. I also enjoy the concept of integrating technology such as computers and tablets into the classroom where appropriate. When we had to create this artifact, it took me a bit to find one that I liked, and fit my "style." However this "Smore" website is awesome, and very user friendly!

My Comfort Level With Curriculum!

I'm more comfortable with curriculum. I had field experience my junior year (both semesters, so one whole year) here on campus in the Early Childhood Center, where I worked in the Aquarius classroom (preschool age), and I had to create one lesson plan a week that tied in with the theme and current concepts being taught in the classroom! That following year (my senior year of undergrad), I worked for another year in the same center, with the same group of children, but in the Pegasus classroom (kindergarten age). So I've had 2 years experience creating lesson plans that apply to the current classroom curriculum and concepts being taught!

What I Hope To Learn!

Throughout the next 7 weeks, I hope to better myself in using technology. Where I have some basic skills, I hope to develop more in-depth skills! And by doing so, I hope to be more comfortable with incorporating various technology ideas in my future early education classroom!