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@ Rockdale High School

What is Geometer's Sketchpad?

The Geometer's Sketchpad is an interactive geometry software program for exploring geometry, algebra, calculus, and other areas of mathematics. It includes traditional tools to create classical geometric constructions (such that can be constructed with a compass and straight edge), as well as tools to create figures impossible to construct under the traditional compass-and-straight-edge rules. Objects can also be animated.

Educational benefits

This program is used in many secondary mathematics classrooms throughout the United States and Canada. NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) has identified one of its six principles as a technology principle, stating the "Technology is essential in teaching and learning mathematics; it influences the mathematics that is taught and enhances student' learning."

The program comes with program files to help deepen students' understanding of such concepts as slope, geometric transformations, and arithmetic on integers.


The high school purchased these activity modules:

Exploring Geometry

Exploring Algebra I

Exploring Algebra II

Exploring Precalculus

Exploring Calculus

Conic Sections

Rethinking Proof

Pythagoras Plugged In

  • Each module is accompanied by an access code that allows you to download a collection of Sketchpad sketches.
  • Many activities include sketches designed for use with an interactive whiteboard or projector, and Presenter Notes that help you lead a class discussion.
  • Activity Notes guide you in introducing the sketch, exploring mathematical concepts with students through interactive models or constructions, and anticipating student questions and responses.
  • Student Worksheets give students step-by-step guidance, and pose "what-if" questions that promote deeper exploration and understanding.


Rockdale ISD Teaching and Learning

Please contact Rebecca King if you need additional information about Geometer's Sketchpad.

purchased April 2013 (6 non-expiring licenses)