Kanna & Aarleigh's

weird but awesome, stinky but smelly!

Kanna & Aarleigh's is the best!

Here at Kanna & Aarleigh's, we really try to make the most wholesome food sources. We always try our best to give you an appetizing meal. We use the freshest items you could ever get! The animals are fresh from the farm next door.

If you ever have a problem with our food, we will replace it right away, or if it's absolutely horrible, you could maybe get your money back. And whoever made your dish totally horrible, we will fire that chef and make them give back their aprons. Thank you!

favorite dish of the month: Pork

Come now to K & A's!

You should really come to Kanna & Aarleigh's. We love getting costomers, and will promise to serve you only the best, wholesome, great tasting foods. Come again soon!!!

We are also offering to cater the famous item on the menu, the "Sally w/ salt or cream sauce"! Sally with salt, (or cream sauce) is one of our favorite item on the menu. It is ordered by many, so come on now and call us to cater your next party! (Sally with salt or cream), so please, order now!!!!!

here are some people that love kanna and aarleigh's wonderful, amazing, great food:

"It's great! Uh, I don't know, I don't know! The Sally salt is delicious!"-Hattie Johnson, owner of Hattie's Hotel and Gift shop.

"Sugar with a Booger is great."-Ryland Johnson, (He's famous for a lot of things.)

Jonathan Hittesburgh says: "I ordered the pork expecting it to be a little paper pork. And it was. But it was much much better that I thought a paper pork could be! It was the best one I've ever had!"

we've never had a bad review!

...but we've had horrible ones.

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We are helping you get to the next thing

now offering fried hamster!

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why grass as the background?

Well, other than the reason that us employees love grass, it's also on our menu! So, we thought grass would be a good background for our website! See you at Kanna & Aarleigh's!