7Burgundy Newsletter


Language Arts

7th Lit and Comp: Students are doing a quick study of poetry in these last weeks of the quarter, with a focus on analyzing and discussing the importance of poetry. Students are writing their own poetry, as well as learning about a poet of their choosing. The final product will be a portfolio, arranged with their notes, their own poetry, a biography of a selected poet, poems by that poet, and a detailed explication and analysis of their work.Important Dates to Know:-Poetry Terminology Quiz on 12/5-Explication Rough Draft due on 12/7-Portfolios due on 12/14-Poetry Slam on 12/177th ELA: We are nearly done with our philanthropy unit and study of the non-fiction novel Three Cups of Tea. Students will do one last mini-project (a PSA about their charity), and then write their persuasive letter to the fictional millionaire J. Harris Moneybucks, encouraging her to donate her millions to their worthy cause. With the end of the quarter, we are also finishing up another list of Latin and Greek roots; students will have a post-test to measure their growth and mastery of these roots cinces the start of the quarter.Important Dates to Know:-Study Guide #5 due 12/7-All extra credit and make-up work is due by 12/10-Philanthropy group presentations on 12/13 and 12/14-Vocabulary Post-Test on 12/17.julie.harris@asd20.org


Pre-Algebra 7: Students have completed their work with rational operations and solving for variables and are now moving into their next big topic; proportional reasoning. Students will start this topic in December but will continue working on it through February when we investigate similar figures and look at proportional relationships in geometry. Students will be completing the “Grocery Store Project” which requires students to use their proportional reasoning skills and making decisions as to what type of products to buy. More details to come on my webpage. Students will also have a small test at the end of the quarter, around December 17th. As you can tell students will still be working hard the last couple weeks of the semester.

Algebra 1A: Students will finish up their extensive linear equations unit early in December with a unit test on December 4th. We will then be shifting our focus from algebraic standards to data and geometry. Students will be working on a project in which they have to gather data, analyze the data, and make inferences based on their collected data. This project will be due at the end of the semester. Further information will follow on my webpage.



We just finished with Invertebrates Unit and have started our Vertebrates Unit. We will continue to work on Vertebrate through the rest of 2012! Also, on Dec. 13th, students will take their Semester Final Exam!! This exam covers everything from August to Now!! There is study guide on my website for students to use to prepare (I will also provide a copy of the study guide next week). Students are also finishing the semester of by blogging about Acts of Kindness with Manitou Springs Middle School. The students have really been taking the time to notice acts of kindness from their fellow students or from others within the community as we approach this holiday season. As many of you know, I will be taking Third Quarter off to celebrate our soon to be little addition!! My long-term sub is going to be Stephanie Canfield. She is a wonderful woman with a biology degree. She is looking forward to having a chance to work with our 7th graders!! Although I will not be here, I will be here in "spirit." I will be working closely with my substitute, and the lessons she plans to complete with the students. I plan to be back on April 1, 2013!!erin.gaunce@asd20.org

Social Studies

I was so pleased to see the hard work and effort that was put into the Mesopotamia Projects!

We are currently studying Ancient Egypt, from it's geography to it's social classes, religion and writing.

Students spent two days in the computer lab recently exploring some interactive sites on mummification and the pyramids. We will also be working diligently on our non-fiction reading skills through the use of a variety of articles about Egypt.

I hope to finish Egypt and Judaism before the winter break!


Let it Snow Party!

Wednesday, Dec 5th, 3:30pm

Eagleview Middle School, Vindicator Drive, Colorado Springs, CO Cafeteria

7th and 8th grade students are invited to the Let it Snow Party after school on Wednesday the 5th. We'll have a dj, dancing, concessions, a door prize, and a photobooth for kids to enjoy!

Candy Gram Fundraiser

Thursday, Dec 6th, 8am to Friday, Dec 14th, 2pm

1325 Vindicator Drive

Colorado Springs, CO

Student Council will sell Candy Cane Grams to raise money for needy families in our community. Students and staff may purchase candy canes for $1.00 and write a personalized message to the receiver. The Candy Grams will be delivered in the afternoon of Friday the 14th.