Al Capone Does My Shirts

By : Gennifer Choldenko


Al Capone Does My Shirts is about a family that moves to Alcatraz Island. They have a daughter, Natalie, and a son, Moose. Natalie has autism and she's 16 but her mom insist she's 10. Throughout the book, Moose's mom does many things and goes to many places to get help for Natalie. Them moving to Alcatraz was hard, especially on Natalie, but also on Moose because he didn't wanna leave his friends.


I enjoyed this book because it gave you a look into the household and struggles of a family with an autistic child. I would say that this book is funny at parts but can get very serious. I love the way they present each character as an individual. Each character faces struggles and obstacles, but throughout the book they overcome them through each other.

Famous Alcatraz Prisoners

About The Author

Gennifer Choldenko is from Santa Monica, California which is also a setting in this book Al Capone Does My Shirts. She was the youngest of four children and also the youngest of her cousins. She has two children, a son, Lan, and a daughter, Kai. She now lives in San Francisco Bay Area.

Alcatraz Island and Prison

Alcatraz is located in the San Francisco Bay. This island is known also as "The Rock". This prison housed some of the worst criminals in America. There were many escape attempts throughout the years but no inmate successfully escaped this scary prison. The cold waters of the San Francisco Bay had a big impact on many people, especially inmates that tried to escape. Today this is a very big tourist attraction but it is no longer in contact.